Beto Quintanilla Cause of Death: Narcotics Singer Was Found Shot to Death in South Texas!

beto quintanilla cause of death

While Mexican country music has long lauded drug traffickers in cowboy hats, their songs have recently turned deadly due to a raging narco war. The “narco corrido” ballads of Mexican drug cartel singers have been the target of assassinations and assaults by hitmen as a result of their lyrics siding with rival gangs. As a band manager for five Tijuana-based ensembles, “Narco corridos are too risky to sing these days,” he claimed.

After years of performing for drug gangs, “my lads have been beaten up and had guns put to their heads, all kinds of threats for choosing the incorrect song,” he added, dressed in black cowboy hats, boots and trousers. Gunmen in the Gulf Cartel’s stronghold of Reynosa, Mexico, killed popular singer Valentin “Golden Rooster” Elizalde last year for singing “To My Enemies,” the famed narco corridor.

On the surface, the song appears to be an attack on the cartel’s private force, The Zetas.
Small narco corridos bands are going out of business because they are afraid of turning up at narco parties, which is the best way to make money as a musician on the US-Mexico border.

Cause of Death

Heart Attack

On the 18th of March 2007, Quintanilla Passed Away in Reynosa. Drug Overdose Is Believed to Have Been the Cause of Death.

A Stifling of The Heart’s Pumping Capacity. Heart Attacks Are Life-Threatening and Should Be Treated as Such. Typically, a Blood Clot Prevents Blood from Reaching the Heart, Which Results in A Cardiac Arrest. Tissues that Lack Blood Are Starved of Oxygen and Will Eventually Perish.

beto quintanilla cause of death

Tightness or Pain in The Chest, Back, or Arms, as Well as Weariness, Dizziness, an Irregular Heartbeat, and Anxiety, Are Some of The Signs and Symptoms. Females Are More Prone than Males to Experience Unusual Symptoms.
There Are a Variety of Options for Treatment, Including Lifestyle Changes, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Medication, and Bypass Surgery.

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Beto Quintanilla Was Born in General Terán, a Tiny Town in The State of Nuevo León, Mexico. when He Was Born Is Unknown, Presumably Perhaps Between 1948 and 1949. His Mother, His Instructor, and His School, as Well as His Own Nation, All Received Poetry or Odes from Quintanilla as A Youngster.

After only One Year of Secondary School, He Dropped out To Work in The Fields with His Father and Five of His Brothers. Besides His Father, He Had Three Brothers and Two Sisters in His Family of Origin. Because the Farm Could Not Support the Entire Family, Young Beto Moved to Reynosa, Tamaulipas, when He Was 13 Years Old and Found Work Milking Cows. Afterward, He Worked in An Aunt’s Clothing Store for A Long Time.

beto quintanilla cause of death

Quintanilla Had No Professional Instruction in Music or Instruments, and He Knew only A Few Musicians. He Did, However, Meet a Bajo Sexto and Accordion-Playing Duo at Some Point During His Tenure on The Ranch. Then He Started Writing Songs for Other Groups. Later, He Caught the Eye of A Record Company’s Artistic Director Ruben Polanco,

Who Persuaded Him to Perform His Songs Onstage. Quintanilla Reportedly Resisted at First, Claiming He Didn’t Know How To Sing and Didn’t Feel at Home when He Tried to Perform. “don’t Spend Your Time with Excuses,” Polanco Advised, “I Want Artists Like You.” He Also Emphasised that Quintanilla Had an Individual Style and Presence.

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Quintanilla Primarily Recorded Narcocorridos, the Majority of Which He Wrote or Co-Wrote with Other Musicians. He Released More than 20 Albums, Not Including the Compilation of His Most Popular Songs. Many of His Albums Were Re-Issued After His Death, and His Songs Appeared on A Variety of Compilations Published by Various Record Labels After His Death.

beto quintanilla cause of death

for Example, the Album “la Ejecución De Juan” [english: “The Execution of Juan”] Was Released in 2009, However, It Doesn’t Include the Song “la Ejecución De Juan,” Which Was on The Original Album, Which Had the Same Title. Adding to The Confusion, the Album Cover Presented Is from A Different Album.) It’s Been Reported that Other Postmortem Releases or Their Promotions Imply that The Content on Them Is New or Even that Quintanilla Is Still Alive.

as A Result of Several Album Releases, Quintanilla Has a Considerably More Extensive Record (over 100 Songs) than The Actual Number of Songs He Wrote and Performed.