Yasuke Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

Yasuke Season 2

Cannon Busters creator LeSean Thomas collaborated with Grammy-nominated singer Flying Lotus and Academy Award-nominated actor LaKeith Stanfield to create a brand new animation series called Yasuke. Anime fans throughout the world welcomed the show’s arrival on Netflix on April 29, 2021.’Yasuke’ depicts the life of an African man named Yasuke, who went from serving the Jesuits during the Nanban trade to becoming a soldier and retainer in the service of Lord Oda Nobunaga.

‘Yasuke’ Season 2’s Possible Plot?

Towards the end of the series, Yasuke had fought Daimyo’s cavalry under the command of his long-time enemy Mitsuhide aka The Dark General (Noshir Dalal). We’ve seen a few partnerships develop within the season. Saki received astral counsel from Morisuke (Paul Nakauchi), while Yasuke’s former bounty hunters offered help.

Yasuke Season 2
As a result, there were a few unfortunate fatalities. Two characters are slain in the process: Ishikawa (Dia Frampton) and Nikita (Julie Marcus). In the midst of the battle, Saki discovered the secret to mastering the power of life. The Daimyo is dead, but Yasuke is also dead as she goes to rejoice. However, Saki’s tears and powers resurrected Yasuke, paving the door for his reincarnation, which was facilitated by his tears.
In the post-credit sequence, we witnessed Yasuke finally letting go of the past. He also paid his respects at Natsumaru’s (Ming-Na Wen) grave and gave her sword to her brother.
We can expect a new adventure for our hero in the second season after the first season closed up the story.

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Will There Be ‘Yasuke’ Season 2?

Season 2 of the anime series might not have been renewed yet, but based on the anime’s previous performance on the platform, the renewal should be arriving any time soon. On a number of continents, the series made it into the top ten. Unless they were originally intended to be a limited series, most anime that does well on the platform usually gets renewed. Faster and more efficient to make than live-action films.

Also, Yasuke’s a composer and executive producer, Flying Lotus, has hinted at the series’ future, saying:

“Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Yasuke has a bright future ahead of him. Just getting started is only the beginning.”

Yasuke Season 2
LeSean Thomas, the show’s director and producer, feels the same way about the second season.
“But the response has been tremendous, and it would be wonderful if it could grow into something greater. I’m looking forward to seeing what the fans make of this, and then we’ll see what happens. Obviously, making a big splash and then keeping things going would be ideal “According to Thomas, via comic book.
In the next several weeks or months, we expect the anime will be renewed. This post will be updated as soon as that happens.

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Is Season 2 of ‘Yasuke’ coming out soon?

We’re currently waiting for the anime to be renewed, but we expect it to be out around the end of 2022 at the earliest.
This page will be updated as soon as we have new information.

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Official Trailer for Season 2 of “Yasuke”

The official season 2 trailer for ‘Yasuke‘ has yet to be released because the show has yet to be renewed. In the meantime, you may watch the official trailer for Season 1. If you haven’t seen the anime yet, click over to Netflix to watch the entire series.

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For animes to receive permission for the new season, it is vital how popular it is and how much it is watched on online platforms. If a show doesn’t gain enough traction, it’s unlikely to be renewed for a second season.

Yasuke Season 2

When it comes to anime Twitter accounts, Yasuke presently has over 530k followers, which is extremely high for an anime. Anime has a higher-than-average search volume on Google. New episodes of this popular anime series are long overdue, and it’s clear that fans are eagerly anticipating their arrival.