Witchblade – Everything You Should Know in 2022

Witchblade – Everything You Should Know in 2022

The Witchblade anime series was created by Top Cow Productions and GONZO/CBC and is currently an acclaimed animation.

There are six volumes of Region 1 and 2 DVDs available. In September of 2007, Volume 1 was released. A full boxed collection with all 24 episodes plus an extra disc with bonus features is also available. Interviews with voice actors and actresses are included on the DVDs.

Top Cow Productions owns the rights to the original story, therefore the plot, facts, and history are all based on the Witchblade concept. The storyline, on the other hand, is not the same as in the original comic series.

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Arthur Smith (GDH), Kenji Shimizu (Sky Perfect Well Think), Naotsugu Kat (CBC), and Tait Okiura (CBC) were in charge of the planning (Gonzo)
Koji Kajita serves as the executive producer.
Top Cow Productions created the original story.
Yasuko Kobayashi designed the series.
Makoto Uno created the characters.
Shinya Ogura created the concept design and conducted the setting investigation.
Kazuyuki Matsubara designed the project.
Junichi Higashi, art director
Yko Sat (color design)
Kiyoshi Hirose was responsible for the editing.
Kazunori Miyake and Masanori Takumi composed the music for this film.
Jin Aketagawa is the sound director.
Katsuhiro Nakano (Soundbox) and Naoto Yamatani (Naoto Yamatani) were responsible for the sound effects (Soundbox)
Tsuyoshi Okazaki (GDH), Shin Hieda (SKY Perfect Well Think), and Osamu Nagai (GDH) are the producers (CBC)
Yoshimitsu Ohashi was the film’s director.
Gonzo worked on the animation.
Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting (CBC), SKY Perfect Well Think, and GDH were responsible for the production.

Witchblade - Everything You Should Know in 2022


“Men have been seeking it since the dawn of time, but it has only been given to the women whose fate it would eternally scar… The Witchblade is a game that takes place in the world of witchcraft Is it God’s just sword or the Devil himself wielding it? A new bearer has been selected at this time. And she’ll have to figure it out on her own. She is forced to seek the balance between ecstasy and devastation as she stands on the verge of her fate.”

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