Welcome to Demon School Season 3 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

welcome to demon school season 3

The Greetings to Demons! The third season of Iruma-kun will premiere in October 2022, during the fall anime season. According to the official NHK website, there will be 21 episodes in the third season.
Crunchyroll has previously streamed the TV show internationally. The Japanese broadcaster NHK Educational will air the show’s premiere (NHK is the producer of the TV show).
Mairimashita! Season 3 of Iruma-kun will see our protagonist, Iruma Suzuki, begin his second year at the Babyls Demon School.. In order to compete at the Harvest Festival, the students must gather ingredients in a demonic jungle..

You’ve Arrived at Demon School. Is Iruma-Season Kun’s 3 Renewed?

Yes, ‘welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun,’ the Third Season, Is on The Way. Season 2 Ended in September 2021, and The Renewal Announcement Was Made in September of That Year.
“Iruma-third Kun’s season is almost here! Osamu Nishi, the show’s original creator, exclaimed, “I’m so happy!” Having enjoyed the first and second seasons for what they were, I’m looking forward to seeing what the third season has in store.” “I’ll be yelling at the television!”
“After the conclusion of the second season, the new school year begins in the third season.

welcome to demon school season 3

Director Makoto Moriwaki revealed the production’s decision, saying, “And the new test is the Harvest Festival!” The renewal came as no surprise, given that the anime’s ratings have steadily risen over the years. There is an average rating of 7.74 out of 10 on MyAnimeList for “Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun.” Trump’s adventures as the only human in a school of demons are truly hilarious to fans of the anime. The review website gave the second season an even higher score, giving it an 8.08.

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Welcome to Demon School! the Plot of Where Will Iruma-Kun Be in Season 3?

Demon School Iruma-kun tells the story of Iruma, 14, who is sold by his parents to the great demon Sullivan for the purpose of becoming an apprentice. A demonic old man is Sullivan’s disguise. He adopted Iruma as his grandson after bringing him to the demon world. Grandpa Sullivan is the chair of the school board, and Iruma is the new student. He was surprised by how much he enjoyed his stay. Asmodeus, Clara, and the rest of his demon classmates formed a close friendship with him. Iruma is determined to maintain a low profile and conceal his human identity from his peers.

welcome to demon school season 3

His attempts to blend in are frequently jeopardized, however, by numerous adventures and circumstances that cause him to stand out from the rest.
Following on from Iruma’s wild experiences at the Demon School in Season 2, we can expect more of the same in Season 3. ‘Hello, Iruma-kun! Welcome to Demon School!’ Volume 11: Chapter 95, which begins the second saga, is likely to be used for Season 3 Episode 1. Makoto Moriwaki, the show’s director, recently shared some spoilers about the upcoming season.

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‘Welcome to Demon School!’ Casting Calls! Season 3 of Iruma-Kun?

  1.  The regular voice cast members are likely to return for season 3.
  2. Ayumu Murase will voice Iruma Suzuki, the 14-year-old kid sold to a demon.
  3. Ryōhei Kimura will voice Alice Asmodeus, Iruma’s bestfriend.
  4. Ayaka Asai will voice Clara Valac, a playful demon who later becomes Alice and Iruma’s friend.
  5. Takaya Kuroda will voice Sullivan, Iruma’s adoptive grandpa and headmaster of the Babyls School for Demons.

welcome to demon school season 3

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You’ve Arrived at Demon School. Iruma-Season Kun’s 3 Is It Coming out Soon?

Hello and Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun’ Will Be Released in October 2022, During the Fall Anime Season, According to Its Official Release Date. in Total, There Will Be 21 Episodes in The Series. This Page Will Be Updated as Soon as The Release Date Is Known.

The Season 3 Trailer for “Welcome to Demon School Season 3”