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Twisted Wonderland Anime Release Date Will The Anime Return? All The Latest Details!

twisted wonderland anime release date

In North America, Disney just released the smartphone game “Twisted Wonderland,” but did you know that an anime adaptation is in the works?

In 2021, the anime business will make significant strides, with Crunchyroll being purchased by the Sony Funimation Group and Netflix launching weekly anime programming.

Disney, on the other hand, appears to be making waves in the anime world, particularly with their mobile game “Twisted Wonderland.”

Twisted Wonderland is a Japanese mobile game developed by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan that was launched on March 18, 2020, for iOS and Android.

The game was ultimately localized in English in the United States and Canada this week. However, it was just announced that the Twisted Wonderland series would be adapted into an anime!

Twisted Wonderland is now available! (Update)

After a surprise, early release, the game is now accessible in the United States and Canada. As of this writing, no notification has been made on the official English Twitter account. The original story can be found below.

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When will Disney’s Twisted Wonderland be released? Release date in English

In the United States and Canada, Disney Twisted Wonderland will be released on iOS and Android on July 20, 2022. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store.

If you are not in one of these two territories, you will be unable to download the game. Regrettably, it is region-locked.

A Twisted Wonderland anime adaptation is also planned for Disney +, but no date has been set yet.

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Users control Yuu (default name) in the Twisted Wonderland computer game, who is suddenly transported to a mystical realm. They arrive at ‘Night Ravens College,’ a mystery magic training school where they are introduced to the headmaster and the highest-ranking pupils.

The school’s dorms, themes, events, and even the characters are loosely based on numerous Disney franchises.

The silver-haired Azil Ashengrotto, for example, is modeled on Ursula from The Little Mermaid, while the red-headed Riddle Rosehearts is based on Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts.

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Has the Anime’s Release Date Been Confirmed?

No official release date for the Twisted Wonderland anime series has been announced by Disney or Aniplex as of this writing.

In fact, the Walt Disney Japan Twitter page has shared the official promotional graphic online, revealing very few facts. This can include the animation studio, the production team, the voice cast, and even the character designs.

However, based on the production timetable of another Disney anime series, the recently launched Star Wars: Visions series, we may make an unusually early forecast.

This was the only other big original Disney anime project, despite being an anthology series from multiple production firms rather than a single studio.

A targeted debut window could occur in Fall 2022, based on the Twisted Wonderland announcement and the development schedule from Star Wars: Visions.

Twisted Wonderland will most likely be accessible to stream solely through the Disney Plus streaming network, so don’t anticipate it to be available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

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