Tomodachi Game Anime – Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

Tomodachi Game Anime – Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

We’ve all been asked, “Would you rather have friends or money?” at some point in our lives, even if it was in a lighthearted manner. What if the answer to this question was crucial to your survival? What if you were aware that someone was pointing a pistol at your back, but you had to act as if you didn’t know them and trust them in order to survive? The Tomodachi Game is based on this notion.

Tomodachi Game is a twisted psychological thriller that seeks to convince its audience to trust everyone while also reminding them that no one can be trusted, especially when lives are at stake. An anime adaptation of the manga was already announced, but the Tomodachi Game release date has now been confirmed for March 2022. For anime enthusiasts, it appears that the spring breezes will be full of intrigue and excitement.

Tomodachi Game is a game based on a 2013 manga. Mikoto Yamaguchi, who also penned ‘Dead Tube’ and ‘Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire?’ and Yuki Sato, who illustrated Sherlock Bones and created (and illustrated) Yokai Doctor, wrote and illustrated the manga.

Tomodachi Game – Official Trailer

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At the time of writing, Kodansha was publishing Tomodachi Game, which was serialized in the Bessatsu Shnen Magazine and collected into 18 volumes. The manga has received recognition for its excellent main characters and twisted storyline over the course of its nine years of publication.

It’s worth anticipating the future anime adaption. Here’s all we know about the Tomodachi Game, including the release date.

The Plot of the Tomodachi Game

Yuuichi Katagiri, the anime’s protagonist, is a high school student who lives by one rule: friends come first. Shiho Sawaragi, Makoto Shibe, Yutori Kokorogi, and Tenji Mikasa are four of his closest pals, and he believes they will always be buddies.

Yuuichi works hard to obtain the money to go on a trip with them. Surprisingly, the money collected is stolen, and the five buddies are locked in a room. ‘Manabu Kun,’ a canceled manga character, soon comes and tells that one of the five is in debt of 200 million yen. To repay their obligation, they paid a price of 20 million yen to enter themselves and their friends into the Tomodachi Game, in which they must all play in order to repay the debt.

Crunchyroll will stream 'Tomodachi Game,' prompting 'Squid Game' comparisons - We Got This Covered

Release Date for Tomodachi

With the first visual teaser released in November 2021, a Tomodachi Game anime adaptation was announced. The anime adaptation’s release date was set for March 8, 2022. Tomodachi Game will be released on April 5, 2022, as confirmed. Along with the big announcement, there was a second visual teaser published.

On NTV, BS NTV, and AT-X, the anime will be shown. Crunchyroll has licensed the show for overseas audiences. “Double Shuffle” is performed by Nana Mizuki, and “Tomoshibi” is performed by Saji.


At the time of writing, no anime trailer has been released. On the official website and Twitter page, however, a short teaser featuring Manabu Kun was posted.


The primary cast has only been disclosed so far. The major characters in the upcoming Tomodachi Game anime have been confirmed to have Japanese voice casts. Chiaki Kobayashi will play Yuuichi Katagiri, with Daiki Hamano portraying Tenji Mikasa. Yume Miyamoto will portray Shiho Sawaragi, while Tomohiro no will portray Makoto Shibe. Finally, Satomi Amano portrays Yutori Kokorogi.

TOMODACHI GAME: Hit Manga Approaching Series Climactic Final Arc

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At Okuruto Novuro, Hirofumi Ogura is the show’s director. The anime’s scripts are written by Kenta Ihara, and the character designs are drawn by Satomi Miyazaki. Michiru created the anime’s soundtrack, with Studio Mouse’s Hiroto Morishita serving as sound director.