The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Release Date Revealed in Trailer !

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Release Date Revealed in Trailer !

The Devil doesn’t come back from the dead every day. White Fox, an anime production studio, launched a 13-episode series called “Devil Is a Part-Timer!” eight years ago. The anime depicts an interdimensional demon king named Satan Jacob after he is taken to modern-day Tokyo and reduced to a human form, based on a series of light novels written by Satoshi Wagahara and drawn by 029 (Oniku). Soon after, he adopts Sadao’s name and starts working at a local fast food business, earning the moniker “Devil Is a Part-Timer!”

the devil is a part timer season 2

According to The Cinemaholic, the first season only adapted the first two volumes of the original light novel. Sadao meets and develops relationships with various creatures from his homeworld of Ente Isla during this period, including his ex-nemesis Emilia Justina. However, the scarcity of adaptations after the first few volumes has left fans wanting more. They’re finally getting what they want, thank goodness. “The Devil Only Works Part-Time!” Season 2 is coming soon.

When will Season 2 of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! be released?

While Season 2 of “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” was announced at the Kadokawa Corporation’s Light Novel Expo, with a teaser released the same day on YouTube, there is still no official release date for the program. Season 2 is expected to premiere in early 2023, according to Cinemaholic, although this is only a guess. Nonetheless, it is not an unjust one. Single anime seasons might take many years to complete.

the devil is a part timer season 2

However, nothing definitive can be confirmed until White Fox or the show’s publishers confirm it. Funimation streamed the first season during its initial broadcast. It’s unclear whether this will continue, but given that Season 2 was also announced on the official Funimation blog, it’s possible. They also give no indication of when “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” Season 2 will be released.

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What’s the Story Behind ‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer’?

The anime series follows Demon Lord Satan, who was vanquished in the last fight and used a dimensional gateway to escape into the human realm. He tries to disguise his identity under the mask of a typical fast-food employee in a world full of people. Satan, imprisoned in modern-day Tokyo, is eager to exact vengeance. However, he is helpless in this realm and cannot utilize his powers.

the devil is a part timer season 2

As a result, in order to survive in this world, he must work hard and work part-time. He’ll have to climb the social ladder if he wants to rule the globe. During this voyage, he meets Emi Yusa, who is Emilia, the woman who dethroned him. The plot centers around the main characters, who have arrived in our planet from another dimension and have gradually adjusted to human existence.

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Season 2 Trailer for ‘The Devil Is a Part-Timer’

A fresh new trailer for the second season of the anime series The Devil is a Part-Timer! has been released, along with the release date for the sequel season. In July 2022, the widely awaited continuation of the successful series will be released.

The trailer was unveiled among a number of other announcements and surprises during the Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival Online 2021. The Devil is a Part-Timer!! will be the title of the second season, with the second exclamation point to indicate that it is the second season. Season two’s animation studio is different from the one that animated the first season over a decade ago.


Whereas the first season was animated by WHITE FOX and directed by Naoto Hosoda, the second season will be helmed by Studio 3hz, with Masahiro Yokotani as the series composer, Yudai Iino as the character designer, and Yoshihiro Takeda as the animation director. Ryota Ohsaka, Yko Hikasa, Nao Tyama, Yki Ono, Hiro Shimono, and Kanae It are among the returning cast members.