The Beginning After The End Chapter – All You Should Know About in 2022

The Beginning After The End Chapter – All You Should Know About in 2022

After the End, There Is A Beginning The release of Chapter 126 has been postponed, and the manga will be delayed for a few days. We’re looking forward to it, but for now, we’ll focus on the previous chapter’s developments. In the last chapter, we saw King Grey’s memories of his meeting with the royals. Arthur got a bad feeling about the future because of this memory. Arthur’s current and former lives are revealed at The Beginning After The End. Arthur gets a flashback as King Grey meeting with the royals in the most recent chapter of The Beginning After The End. They serve as a reminder to him of the country’s stability.

The royals tell King Grey to assassinate “her,” demonstrating his concern for his subjects and devotion to his kingdom. Those comments had an effect on King Grey, and the phrase “murder her” kept resonating in his head. In the present, Arthur is sitting with Sylv, supporting his head since he appears to be suffering from a headache. Sylv inquires as to Arthur’s well-being, to which he responds that he had a nightmare. Arthur wonders why he is thinking about the past as they embrace it. Arthur feels something in his pocket and realizes it’s the geezer’s note.

The Beginning After the End (Official Trailer)

He learns he’s been forewarned about the coming changes in the world. Viron also advised Arthur to prepare for impending changes. Arthur is taken aback because he has no idea how that message got into his pocket. He realizes that Viron shared everything since he is more knowledgeable about the situation. Later, Arthur arrives at a location where he is asked to present a verification form and questions why he is required to do so. The elf man discloses that he is the Kingdom of Elenoir’s West Teleportation Gate.

Chapter 125 Updates: The Beginning After The End

For Arthur to pass through, verification is required. Arthur summons a gold item and shows it to the elf. He inquires as to whether the gold item will be enough for verification. The elf was taken aback because the gold object was the Royal Family of Elenoir’s seal. He wonders who this boy is recognizes he’s dealing with a unique individual and clears the way for Arthur to pass. Sylv and Arthur enter a hidden doorway that transports them to a mystical location. Because Sylvie is afraid of the dark, Arthur lights a torch inside the dark-pitch prison.

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The royals desired Alduin Merial’s input towards Lance’s death. However, one of them proposes that they take their time because further evidence is required. They figure out that a student was present when Alea Lance died and knows what happened to her body. Cynthia recognizes she must remain silent and receives orders to gather the students for questioning.

However, they believe that if they contact the kids, some of them may mislead them by acting heroically because they have no idea what is going on. Cynthia is aware that she had visited the place of Alea Lance’s death.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 127: Release Date And Time, Raw Scans, Countdown - Anime News And Facts

Chapter 126: The Beginning After the End

Chapter 126 of The Beginning After The End will be released on December 4, 2021. Cynthia explained to the royals that she needed to conduct some errands and hence couldn’t join the Mages. The geezers become enraged and warn her that Lance’s life is on the line. Cynthia now claims that she made the right decision in not informing the royal about Arthur, who witnessed Alea Lance’s death. The bandits attack her, but she kills them, and Avier cleans up the mess. Let’s have a look at the official details of Chapter 126 of The Beginning After The End.

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