Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2: Release date, Time, What To Expect, And More !

Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2: Release date, Time, What To Expect, And More !

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 will premiere in less than a day, and fans are ecstatic. The sequel to the smash popular Winter 2019 anime has been delayed, but it is finally set to air.

The second season of Rising of the Shield Hero has proven to be one of the most eagerly awaited anime sequels in recent memory. The first season created waves in the Isekai genre thanks to its unusual storytelling and writing, as well as its portrayal of the protagonist as one of his clique’s lesser warriors.

Follow along as this article delves into the release date and timing for the new season, as well as what fans may expect, and more.

shield hero season 2 release date



According to the official Japanese website for The Rising of the Shield Hero, Season 2 will launch in Japan on Friday, June 10th, 2022.

on  Friday, June 10th, 2022., the series will also be broadcast on Crunchyroll, an international streaming partner.

Season 2 Episode 1 of The Rising of the Shield Hero will be released at the following time:

6 a.m. PDT Pacific Time
9 a.m. Eastern
2 p.m. BST in the UK
3 p.m. CEST European Time
6.30 PM IST India Time
9 p.m. in the Philippines
10.30 p.m. (AEST) in Australia

Each week, Crunchyroll will broadcast the second season as a simulcast title in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

shield hero season 2 release date

The second season was supposed to debut in October 2021, but Kinema Citrus (the show’s animation studio) was forced to push it back two months.

The production team and associated distribution partners did not provide an explanation for the delay, but it was most likely due to ongoing production issues in Japan as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Season 2 of The Rising of the Shield Hero will only be 13 episodes long, but season 3 has already been greenlit!

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The announcement was made via an update on the anime’s official website, which also confirmed the Thursday release date. The series will air live in Japan on the AT-X channel, and will also be carried internationally on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, TV Aichi, and BS11. Fans who want to view the new season will have to wait for streaming details.

Masato Jinbo, who replaces Takao Abo as showrunner for the new season, will direct the hit anime’s second season.

The Rising of the Shield Hero premiered in 2019 with a 25-episode first season, based on the light novels by Aneko Yusagi and Seira Minami.

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Many of the voice cast and staff members from the first season are expected to return for the second season.

The following cast members will return for season 2, as confirmed by Crunchyroll, with Kana Hanazawa joining the team as a new character named Ost Horai (Druj from The Great Jay).

As Naofumi Iwatani, Kaito Ishikawa (Langris from Black Clover)
Raphtalia (Asami Seto) (Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen)
Sword Art Online’s Filo (Rina Hidaka)
Itsuki Kawasumi is portrayed by Yoshitaka Yamaya (Tomohito Sugino from Assassination Classroom)
Melty is Maaya Uchida (Norman from The Promised Neverland)
Mirella (Komi from Komi Can’t Communicate) is portrayed by Kikuko Inoue.
Ren Amaki is portrayed by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Mitsuya from Tokyo Revengers)

shield hero season 2 release date

Masato Jinbo will take over as series director from Takao Abo.

Fumiyuki Gou (Overlord), Kevin Penkin (Tower of God), Kinema Citrus (Made in Abyss), and DR Movie will produce the second season’s sound (Onyx Equinox). MADKID will perform the opening theme “Bring Back,” while Chili Fujikawa will perform the new ending, “Yuzurenai.”