List of Sanrio Characters Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

sanrio characters

Characters created by Japanese business Sanrio, which is known for making adorable characters, are featured here. Over 400 characters have been created by Sanrio since its inception in 1962, with Hello Kitty being its most popular and well-known creation.
These are a few of the most popular characters. Check out the Characters section for even more Sanrio mascots!

Badtz-Maru the Baddie

It Is a Male Penguin with Spiky Hair, Known as Baddo Batsu Maru (). One Year Ago Today Was His Actual Birthday. Sanrio’s only Character Targeted at Both Genders, He’s One of The Few on The Company’s Roster. Using the Term “badtz” (batsu) in Japanese Is a Way of Saying “x,” Which Indicates an Incorrect Answer. to Indicate a Correct Response, You Can Say “maru” (circle) or “o”. He Goes by “xo,” Which Stands for “wrong-Correct” in A Figurative Way. if You’re Looking for A Common Badtz-Maru Facial Expression and Stance, You’ll Find It in The Form of An Eye-Pulling and Tongue-Pushing Pose.

An Adorable Kitty Named Charmmy

Hello Kitty’s Cat, Chmi Kiti, Is Her Best Friend. Hello, Kitty-Like Traits Give Her a Feline Appearance. with Hello Kitty’s Jewelry Box Key Around Her Neck, “charm” Was Given Her Name. While Sugarbunnies Started in 2004, She Made Her Debut as An Actress.


As One of The Many Characters Produced by Sanrio in 2003, Chibi Maru (a Brown Puppy) Is One of Them. on February 2, 2003, He Was Released for The First Time. in His Spare Time, He Enjoys Doing Magic Tricks. Inside the Bag, He Travels to A Wide Variety of Locations. Chidi-Maru and Chifi-Maru, His Other Two Siblings, Are the Oldest Two.


He Has Four Whiskers and No Mouth Like His Hello Kitty Counterpart, Chokokyatto, a Black Cat with Enormous Black Eyes and Four Whiskers as The Name Suggests, He Has a Chocolate-Colored Nose. May 10 Is Chococat’s Birthday, and He Was Released Back in 1996. Because of His Whiskers, He Is Generally the First to Know About New Developments.


Known as Shinamorru, He Was Born on A Cloud on March 6, 2002, and Has Long, White Ears that Allow Him to Soar Through the Air. This Kitty Has a Cinnamon Roll-Like Appearance with His Bright Blue Eyes, Blushing Cheeks, and Thick, Curly Tail. for Reasons of International Trademark Registration, He Was Formerly Known as Baby Cinnamon when First Made by Sanrio in 2002.


sanrio characters

His Name Has Changed to Cinnamon, Which Can Refer to Him in Either of These Ways. Baby Cinnamon Is No Longer Utilized by Sanrio, and The Character Is Now Referred to As Simply “cinnamon roll” as Of 2007.

Daniel, I’m Writing to Tell You that I

It’s a Sanrio Character Known as Danieru Sut (English: Danieru Sut). Hello Kitty’s Childhood Pal and Current Boyfriend, Daniel, Goes by The Name of Dear. His Horoscope Sign Is Taurus, as He Was Born on May 3rd, the Third of The Month. Like Kitty, He Is of The Same Age. as Infants, Daniel and Kitty Have Been Friends. Kitty Now Has a Pet Hamster Named Sugar Thanks to His Generosity. He Has a Keen Sense of Aesthetics and Is Always on The Cutting Edge of Fashion.


It Was Created By Sanrio in 2002 as A Figure Called Diarrhea. He Is Brown (occasionally Pink) Fawn, and He Lives in The Woods. His Birthdate Is January 8 and He Lives in The Rainbow Forest, Where He Is a Resident. Queeny Lou, a Gorgeous Swan, and Beary Lou, a Kind Bear Are His Best Buddies.

Kitty the Cat

Har Kiti) Is Sanrio’s Best-Known Fictional Character, Established in 1974. to Represent Hello Kitty, a Red Ribbon Has Been Used. Hello, Kitty Was First Trademarked in 1975 and Has Since Become a Worldwide Brand. for More than 30 Years, Hello Kitty Has Been a Unicef Children’s Ambassador in The United States, Where She Has Been Since 1983. Hello, Kitty Became More Well-Known in The Late 1990s Because of Superstars Like Mariah Carey Who Wore the Brand as A Fashion Statement.


Sanrio and Sega Toys Collaborated in 2008 to Produce Juerupetto, a Series of Animal Figures Who Have Since Become Popular. There Are 39 Characters in The Series, and Each of The Animals Is Named After a Renowned Birthstone, Mineral, or Jewel. “jewel Flash” Magic Is Performed by Using an Eye-Catching Gem in Each of The Characters’ Eyes. Jewel Land Is an Enchanted Land Where Magicians Reside, Where They Study Magic, and Where Each of Them Has a Human Mate.

sanrio characters

Ruby the White Japanese Hare, Sapphie the Blue and Yellow Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (whose Birthday Is on September 1), Garnet the Pink Persian Cat (whose Birthday Is on January 8), and Labra the Pink and White Polar Bear Are the Primary Jewelpets in The Series (whose Birthday Is on December 27).


Frog Figure with Huge Eyes and A V-Shaped Mouth, Hasunoue Keroppi (also Known as Kerkerokerokeroppi). in Donut Pond, Keroppi’s Vivacious Personality and Love of Adventure Have Made Him a Local Favorite. Cropping, One of His Siblings, and Nikki, Another, Are His Siblings. Most of The Time, He May Is Found with His Little Snail Pal Den Den, Following Close After. Both as A Swimmer and A Vocalist, Keroppi Excels (but Not at The Same Time).

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The Antagonist of The Anime Onegai My Melody’s Kuromi. This White Rabbit-Like Creature Has a Black Jester’s Cap on Top of Which She Wears an Acorn-Shaped Pink Skull and A Black “devil” Tail Instead of A Typical Rabbit Tail. Another Similarity Between Kuromi and Vintage Cartoon Characters from The 1920s and 1930s Is His Appearance.

sanrio characters

It Wasn’t until 2005 that Kuromi-Themed Products Surfaced in Japan. All of Junko Takeuchi’s Three Image Songs Are Sung by Her. Occasionally, Kuromi Wears Skull Cherries in Fuchsia Pink on The Right Ear of Her Left Ear.

It’s a Pair of Little Twin Stars

This Is a Sanrio-Created Pair of Figures Known as The Little Twin Stars. as For Their Names, Kiki Is the Younger Sibling, While Lala Is the Older One. the Color of Kiki’s Hair Is Blue, While the Color of Lala’s Hair Is Pink. It’s December 24th for Both of Them. as Soon as They Hit the Market in 1975, They Became a Huge Hit.

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This Adorable Twin Sister and Playmate of Hello Kitty Is Named Mimmy White. as With Mimmy, Kitty Wears a Red Bow on Her Left Ear and Is Also without A Mouth Like Her Sibling.

sanrio characters

Both Mimmy and Kitty Have Personalities that Are a Little More Reserved, yet They Appear to Have a Great Deal of Fun Spending Time with One Another. Those Who Know Mimmy Describe Her as Bashful and Girly. Sewing and Fantasizing About Marriage Are Mimmy’s Interests.

This Is Me, Melody

My Melody Is a Young Girl Bunny Who Always Has a Crimson or Pink Hood Covering Her Ears. when Is Her Birthday? when It Comes to Melody, Kuromi Is Her Main Competition.

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Pochacco is One of Sanrio’s Many Imaginary Characters. He’s Depicted as A White Dog with Black Floppy Ears, but There’s No Sign of A Mouth on The Picture. in Keeping with His Active and Fun Demeanor, He Is Frequently Seen Suited for The Gym. at Some Point in The Mid-’90s, Pochacco Took up Skating. in Spite of The Fact that Pochacco Is Able to Walk Upright, He Still Has a Hard Time and Falls Frequently, Often Resulting in Head Injuries and Accumulating Bandages.


Created in 1996 by Sanrio, a Japanese Toy Maker, as A Lovable Golden Retriever Pup Named Sunny. on A Beautiful April 16th, 1996, Purin Was Conceived. Inside His Sister-Home, Owner’s Pompompurin Has Made Himself at Home in A Basket in The Foyer. He Is Instantly recognizable by the brown beret he wears always atop his head.