10 Best Sailor Moon Characters According & Everything We Know in 2022!

sailor moon characters

When a show like Sailor Moon offers such a diverse cast of characters, fans are sure to have a hard time choosing a favorite among them. If Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Mars were better colleagues, whether Sailor Moon should have been team captain, or if Sailor Mercury contributed enough has been debated since the 1990s. Sailor Moon Crystal and Eternal’s adaptations have sparked numerous arguments. There have been more than 15,000 votes cast on Ranker to determine the finest characters in the Sailor Moon series. Most of the Sailor Senshi are expected to make the top 10, but there are a few newcomers to the list that may come as a surprise.


Fans may be surprised that Artemis is ranked higher than some of the other prominent characters, given how little they know about him compared to Luna. Artemis and Luna have a lot more knowledge about their past lives than the other Sailor Senshi, which makes them valuable assets to the team when they differ on what the Senshi should do.

sailor moon characters
There are a lot of unanswered mysteries regarding Sailor Venus in the fandom, but no one doubts Artemis’ devotion to her. As soon as they meet other Sailor Senshi, he is always there for her—even when she doesn’t want to be.

Jupiter, Sailor

When it comes to Sailor Senshi, Jupiter is both practical and passionate, making her the most versatile. She’s a kaleidoscope of paradoxes, which makes her one of the most interesting characters in the series.

sailor moon characters

As a result of the loss of her parents, Makoto is left to fend for herself and is frequently the one to serve her companions with home-baked sandwiches and pastries. However, she is capable of enjoying her life on her own and desires a fairy tale relationship. Sweet and eager to make friends, she’s not afraid to stand up to bullies and risk damaging her good name because she’s so strong even when she’s not in her full Sailor Jupiter form.

The Sailor Moon

When it comes to her own franchise, it’s not unusual for Sailor Moon to not be the most popular character. She is the most typical female anime/manga protagonist among the characters. In the role of Usagi Tsukino, the heroine is clumsy, fearful of going to battle as Sailor Moon, and preoccupied with her love life.
It’s partly because she develops into a skilled leader and someone who’s devoted to her friends that she’s so endearing to them. In subsequent storylines, her resentment of Chibiusa is enough to make the audience favor other characters.


In addition to Sailor Moon, Luna is the only other Moon Kingdom character to appear in the series’ very first episode/chapter and remain throughout. To her, she is the most mature and experienced member of the Sailor Senshi squad. With her own spin-off manga and ’90s anime episodes dedicated solely to her, Luna’s popularity can be clearly seen.

Swordsman Mercury

There is a lot of criticism directed at Sailor Mercury due to the fact that she doesn’t use many defensive abilities when she fights. Even so, the group would be in serious trouble without her.

sailor moon characters
They have Sailor Mercury as their strategist, the one who actually does the analysis of their enemies while the crew is busy doing other things. They are all under her command in their non-military life as well. They might all fail their classes if she didn’t encourage them to study with her encouragement.

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Venus is a sailor moon.

The team’s true leader is Sailor Venus, even though all the Sailor Senshi are reincarnated as Sailor Moon. There is even a Codename: Sailor V manga where she fights against dark powers across Europe in her own right.

sailor moon characters
There’s little doubt that Sailor Venus is the most committed to the cause. Her goals of becoming a pop sensation in various interpretations of the source material don’t keep her from fighting for the squad or abandoning her teammates in the face of adversity.

Nephthyan Seafarer

There is a significant time jump between when the Outer Senshi are presented and when the Inner Senshi were. It’s as a result that the audience doesn’t get to spend nearly as much time with Sailor Neptune, or Sailor Uranus,… It’s because they don’t have as much backstory that they have a mysterious air about them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t popular with the public. There’s a grace and maturity in Sailor Neptune that the other characters don’t have, whether she’s playing the violin or swimming against evil. After becoming Sailor Moon, she still has a fair amount of power. With her premonitory dreams and clairvoyant visions, she is one of the more intriguing characters in the game’s world of ordinary people.

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Her name is Sagittarius.

As a member of the Sailor Senshi, Saturn holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. The other Senshi, on the other hand, are their civilian personalities, and she is her own distinct creature within Hotaru. She’s also regarded as one of the most dangerous, the Senshi most afraid of “awakening” because she has the capacity to wreak havoc on the planet.
The fact that one of the youngest Sailor Senshi possesses such a terrible force is part of what makes her so intriguing. It’s her job as a Sailor Senshi to bring about death and rebirth, so she doesn’t really want to do it herself.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Sailor

Isolated by comparison to the other sailor stars, Pluto is Sailor Pluto Like Sailor Saturn, she spends little time with the rest of the team at first. Instead, she guards a possible future timeline’s portal to space and time.

sailor moon characters

Although she is resurrected in the present day, Setsuna still gets to connect with the others. So her Sailor Pluto missions take on a more aggressive tone. As a scientist and Chibiusa’s admirer, it’s impossible not to like her.

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The Sailor Mars

The portrayal of Sailor Mars has changed a lot in the many versions. They are often antagonists in Usagi’s life in the 1990s anime since they can’t stand each other for more than a few minutes and even share crushes on the same boys.
Compared to the manga’s Sailor Mars, and the more current Sailor Moon Crystal version, the manga’s Sailor Mars is less combative. Without being as aggressive as in the 1990s version of the character, she keeps her strength and enthusiasm for battle. It is similar to that of Sailor Neptune, who experiences prophetic visions and dreams that allow her to forewarn the Inner Senshi of impending threats.