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Rick and Morty Anime When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022

rick and morty anime

The latest Rick and Morty spinoff will include a distinct sort of animation. WarnerMedia announced Rick and Morty: The Anime on Wednesday, and the series is now in production and will air on Adult Swim and HBO Max.
Morty and Rick: Takashi Sano, the director of Tower of God, will direct the 10-episode anime. Sano has previously collaborated with Adult Swim on the series, directing both “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” and “Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil).” Telecom Animation Film (Shenmue the Animation, Tower of God), the same studio that animated the shorts, will handle the animation for the series.

In a press release, Sano states, “The multiverse-straddling exploits of Rick and the group pose obstacles to the family relationship, but they always rise to the occasion.” “It’s a wonderful sight to see, and Jerry is no exception.” “I am honored to have been given the opportunity to tell a fresh story about this incredible family,” he continues. I hope you have a good time with them!”

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Adult Swim appears to be aiming to expand its anime universe, as the network has also ordered Ninja Kamui, a futuristic action-adventure from director Sung Park. Joe Higan, a former ninja who escaped his clan but is finally driven out of the shadows to avenge his family after being ambushed by a group of assassins, is the protagonist of the series.

This new series follows Park’s recent anime film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which is now the ninth most popular anime film of all time. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was lauded by IGN for being “one of the best shonen anime films in a while,” as well as “a standalone introduction to the anime and also a gratifying precursor to those familiar with this world.”

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A 10-episode anime adaptation of Rick and Morty is in the works.

Part of the allure (and occasionally annoyance) of Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty is that it can be a show about anything; with just one blast of Rick’s portal gun or some wacky new invention,

Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and the rest of the show’s writers can make any episode about pretty much anything. (If all else fails, there’s always the parallel world; the program was truly ahead of its time in terms of “Fuck It, It’s The Multiverse” research.)

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Even yet, the news that Rick And Morty:

The Anime had been given the green light by the network was a bit of a surprise. Some interesting short films? Sure. A complete episode? It’s obvious. A complete ten-part series? Huh Adult Swim, as part of Warner Media’s upfronts, confirmed just that today. Takashi Sano, whose credits include both Tower Of God and the two current Rick And Morty anime shorts, “Rick And Morty Vs. Genocider” and “Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil),” will direct the series, which will follow its own timeline separate from the mothership show. (Which, presumably, just started writing its eighth season this week, since Adult Swim understands where the money is.)

“The multiverse-straddling exploits of Rick and the gang pose challenges to the family bond, but they always rise to the occasion,” Sano says. (Yes, even Jerry, he clarified.) It’s unclear whether Roiland and Harmon will be involved in the show’s creative process. Adult Swim and HBO Max will both air the series.

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