Overlord Season 4 – Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

Overlord Season 4 – Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

Despite the fact that the genre has been present for decades, with great series such as “Visions of Escaflowne” and “Inuyasha,” isekai anime has grown in popularity in recent years. Some of the most successful anime of the past ten years can be categorized under the isekai umbrella, from “That Time I Got Reincarnated Into a Slime” to “Re: Zero — Starting Life in Another World.”

In simple terms, isekai is a fictional story in which a character from one realm, which is often similar to our own, is transported to a completely different, fantastical universe. The word is written in Japanese, with the first character suggesting weird or unusual, and the second and third characters,, denoting globe.

“Overlord,” which debuted in 2015, is one of the many popular isekai anime series that have been out in the last ten years.

In 2018, the third (and final) season of the show aired. Despite the passage of time since the last episode of “Overlord,” the chance of a fourth season exists. Season 4 of “Overlord”: Here’s what we know so far.

Overlord Season 4 release date confirmed for Summer 2022 by new preview  trailer

When is Season 4 of Overlord coming out?

Madhouse, the company behind “Overlord,” has yet to confirm a fourth season of the show. However, there are other grounds to believe that a Season 4 is on the way, whether it comes out soon or years from now.

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In 2019, an anime event in Germany provided the first encouraging indicator that “Overlord” would return for a fourth season. Yukie Sugawara, the show’s scriptwriter, acknowledged the possibility of a fourth season as “very likely” during the event (in so many words, given that her statement was in Japanese and translated into German for the attendant audience). After the message went viral online, several people misinterpreted it as confirmation of a new season before retracting their statements, according to a Reddit member who described the story. For example, an earlier Reddit post referencing Sugawara’s statement has subsequently been removed. Nonetheless, while this isn’t an official confirmation, Sugawara has stated that “Overlord” Season 4 will be released at some time in the future.

In addition, in Japan, the light novel series on which “Overlord” is based is still quite popular. For example, in the first half of 2020, volume 14 of the series placed third in light novel sales, trailing only novelizations of the enormously successful Demon Slayer series. Given how well-received “Overlord” is like a light novel, a new season of the anime could do well. Season 4 is unlikely to be released until at least 2022, considering the recent radio silence.

What is the plot for Season 4 of Overlord?

Overlord Season 4 Release Date LEAKED, Here's Everything to Know

Momonga, a human child, is transported into the world of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the opening episode of “Overlord” (think “RuneScape”). Momonga takes on the role of Ainz Ooal Gown, rather than simply commanding him. However, Momonga was an accomplished player, and Ainz is a formidable character in the YGGDRASIL universe. He then embarks on his first journey through YGGDRASIL’s realm as a fanciful necromancer rather than a human playing a video game.

Ainz has decided to rule his own kingdom, the Sorcerer Kingdom, towards the end of Season 3 of “Overlord.” Ainz’s hardships and tribulations as the ruler of his own kingdom become more or less the emphasis of the plot as it progresses in the “Overlord” light book series in succeeding storylines. Given Ainz’s plunge into fantasy politics, Volume 10 of the light novel series, which should serve as the primary material for the start of Season 4, also introduces the rulers of opposing nations with whom he must now fight or make peace.

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What will the Overlord Season 4 cast look like?

It’s hard to confirm the voice acting talent that will be featured in the series’ forthcoming season without official word from “Overlord” Season 4, assuming it ever happens. If the show does come back, it will almost certainly feature the same cast of characters that have defined it thus far.

Satoshi Hino is the sole actor who has appeared in every episode of the series thus far. The role of Sai from “Naruto” is arguably Hino’s most well-known. He also plays the fiery samurai Kyojuro in “Demon Slayer” and team leader Daichi in the volleyball anime “Haikyuu!!.”