Every One Piece Character, Ranked Best to Worst!

Every One Piece Character, Ranked Best to Worst!

There are few anime as long-running as One Piece, which recently broadcast its 1000th episode after twenty years and counting. Generations of One Piece fans have grown up watching from the time they were little until they were adults. Because it will take months to see the full series, One Piece’s length is often the first thing people think of when they hear about the manga and anime. Just one facet of this intimidating play will be examined with a tutorial on the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a teenage pirate who aspires to become the King of Pirates and rule the oceans. With his trusted crew, Luffy sets out to find the One Piece, the famous treasure of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, which he believes to be located someplace at the end of the earth. In the process, he encounters formidable adversaries and makes lasting friends. No matter how formidable his foes may be, Luffy will not be deterred from attaining his mission.

Luffy the Monkey D’s (Mayumi Tanaka)

The show’s protagonist, Luffy, bears the weight of the entire production. Luffy is a simple man with simple aspirations, but those basic dreams have the power to change the world around him. He is eternally hopeful and somewhat naive. It’s hard to think of Luffy as a criminal when you meet him. As long as they don’t assault him, Luffy is always happy to lend a helping hand.

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In order to defend the people he cares about most, Luffy will break into the world’s most guarded prison and go to war with the World Government if that means keeping his friends and loved ones safe from harm’s way. His enthusiasm for life is contagious, inspiring other people to pursue their dreams, no matter how ridiculous they may seem or how much ridicule they may face.

Zeno Zoro’s Roronoa Zoro (Kazuya Nakai)

When Luffy recruited Zoro, he was a competent swordsman who was determined to reach the pinnacle of his craft and become the best in the world in his craft. He used to work as a bounty hunter for the Navy, finding pirates and turning them in to make a profit. The Worst Generation is a group of pirates believed to be among the strongest rookie pirates in the sea. Zoro became a member of this group after joining Luffy.
He’s one of Luffy’s most steadfast allies and a living representation of the ferocity of badassry. He can play off the more humorous members of the crew because of his innate seriousness, and his proficiency in Three-Sword Style sword combat allows him to battle with Luffy against even the fiercest adversaries. On a straight path, Zoro is the first member of the Straw Hats to ever become lost in the series’s history.

Hi, my name is Nami and I’m (Akemi Okamura)

Nami, also known as Cat Burglar Nami, gained famous for stealing large quantities of money from pirates as a young sailor. Initially, she merely joined Luffy’s crew to earn money to buy her home from the pirate, Arlong, but once Luffy defeats the Fishman, she joins Luffy’s crew for good. She has always been on the hunt for a quick payday, therefore Nami has become an essential member of the crew as a navigator.

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If she ever wants to create a world atlas, she’ll have to sail to places where no one else has ever been before. Due to Luffy’s insatiable wanderlust, she is the ideal traveling partner for him. Additionally, Nami serves as an anchor for the group, keeping the more rambunctious members in check so that they can focus on the dangerous pirates.

Usopp is the name of a game (Kappei Yamaguchi)

Having a crewmate in Red-Hair Shanks, a pirating Emperor of the Sea’s crewmate is in Usopp’s blood. In spite of his age, Ussop had always fantasized about sailing alongside his father as a pirate, complete with his own crew, on the high seas. The only problem is that, in spite of his fearlessness and proclivity for fantastic tales, Usopp is a complete coward who won’t set sail until Luffy personally invites him to join the Straw Hats.
Usopp’s aim to become a valiant warrior of the sea is a little more ambiguous than some of the other Straw Hats, but it is also one of the more realistic. Usopp’s cowardice may appear weak in comparison to the rest of the team, but in some respects, it’s one of the most genuine emotions in the show. Usopp’s smirks in the face of Luffy and Zoro’s fearsome foes make him the most relatable of the Straw Hats to many fans.

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In the vein of Vinsmoke, Sanji (Hiroaki Hirata)

Sanji plays a critical role on board the ship as the cook responsible for preparing all of the food that Luffy and his crew consume. He was a chef in a floating restaurant in the ocean, where he came upon the fugitive prince of Germa, Sanji. He teamed up with Luffy to find the All Blue, a legendary ocean where fish from all the world’s oceans live together, allowing a cook to concoct any dish he could dream of.

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To distinguish himself, Sanji uses his unique style of fighting, which emphasizes kickboxing, to avoid injuring his hands or using his knife abilities for anything but food. This is not the first time Sanji’s heart has been broken by the sight of a woman, but he’s not alone. Luffy’s “Monster Trio” consists of Sanji, Zoro, and Zoro; many fans have dubbed this trio as such.

This Is Tony-Tony Chopper (ikue Otani/kazue Ikura), an Ikue Otani-Directed Film.

One of our crew’s non-human members is named Chopper, a reindeer who ate a Devil Fruit and gained the ability to transform into a human. Having been abandoned by the residents of his native island, the mad doctor Hiriluk fostered Chopper and taught him the ropes of medicine. He carries Hiriluk’s legacy and aspires to be the best doctor in the world, able to cure any illness.
Although he is a non-combatant member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper is their resident adorable one. In spite of his ability to fight, he prefers to stay hidden and rest while his fellow Monster Trio members do their best to take care of business. When it comes to his bounty, he has the lowest among the crew, with only 100 Berries as opposed to Luffy’s 1.5 billion Berries. His chirpiness and naivete endear him even further.

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Frank “the Destroyer” (Kazuki Yao)

His Human Body Parts Are Gradually Being Replaced by Artificial Ones, Making Franky One of The Best Shipwrights in One Piece’s Universe. He Developed the High-Tech Ship that The Straw Hat Pirates Currently Use, the Thousand Sunny, as Part of A Joint Effort. in The Footsteps of His Mentor, Tom, Franky Aspires to Build a Ship that Can Sail Over the World’s Most Dangerous Oceans. He Joined Luffy and His Crew in Order to Ensure that The Sunny Would Be Able to Make the Journey While Also Providing a Little More Muscle.
When It Comes to Showmanship, Franky Is the Undisputed Leader of The Group. the Underdog Has a Special Place in His Heart and He Sheds Tears as He Fights for Their Cause Franky Is a Devoted and Clever Roboticist Who Acts as An Older Brother to The Crew, Entertaining Them While Also Keeping Them Safe and Aloft.

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As Brook Put It, “it’ (Cho)

A Living Skeleton, Brook Is One of The Oldest Crew Members. the Revive-Revive Fruit Resurrected Him, but Only After His Corpse Had Decayed to The Point Where He Could Not Be Revived. Brook Was Found by Luffy and The Straw Hats Drifting at Sea in A Wrecked Ship Before He Joined Their Crew as A Musician so That He Could Sail Around the World and Meet the Whale Labor, the Sole Surviving Member of His Crew.

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Swordsman Brook Has the Speed and Dexterity of An Old-Fashioned Samurai, but Not the Raw Power of Zoro. His Signature Move Is to Cut Someone and Then Run Away Before They Realize What Has Happened. Despite Being One of The Older Straw Hats, Brook Has a Distinct Perspective on The Waters than The Rest of His Crew Because He Has Been Plying the High Seas for Much Longer than Gol D. Roger, for Example, Who Was Just Starting Out.

He Is Jinbe’s Name (daisuke Gori)

Finally, We Have Jinbe, the Newest Member of The Straw Hat Crew. They Call Jinbe “one of The Straw Hats’ Most Important Players.” This Man Used to Be an Officer Under Emperor Big Mom, Who Trusted Him Implicitly. He Used to Be a Member of The Seven Sea Warlords of The Seas, One of Three Oceanic Superpowers. Jinbe, the Fierce Fisherman and Exponent of Fishman Karate, Is Also Known as The First Son of The Sea.
He Was Attracted to Luffy Because of His Personality, Unlike the Other Crew Members Who Joined to Pursue Their Own Goals. a Favor to Luffy’s Younger Brother Ace Convinced Jinbe that Luffy Could Transform the World as The King of The Pirates. Jinbe, a Figure Marked by His Honor, Joined Luffy to Assist in Supporting The Future King of Pirates and Usher in A New Era on The High Seas.