My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

A Cinderella-inspired animation story is on the way! It’s going to be Miyo and Kiyoka, from the My Happy Marriage anime, rather than a gigantic pumpkin carriage full of glass slippers, instead.

An odd couple of noble-born abused women and cold-hearted soldiers are married off in this series, which follows the events leading up to the union. Both eventually open out to one other and maintain an idyllic marriage despite the difficulties they face.

My Happy Marriage was originally a light novel series written and illustrated by Akumi Agitogi and Tsukiho Tsukioka. The anime version of Kinema Citrus, which features two of Japan’s most popular voice actors, has been revealed by the studio.

My Happy Marriage Anime Expected Release Date

A teaser for My Happy Marriage Anime’s first season was released on April 5th, 2022, according to the Twitter page for the show. The tweet made it clearly evident that the show was already in the making. The release date hasn’t been announced by the developers, but we expect it to be on 29th July 2022. The developers of this project, which is well-known for its lovely plot, are thrilled to present a cheerful series to the audience.

The Cast of My Happy Marriage:

Evan Call will compose the music for the film, which will be directed by Takehiro Kubota. Shoko Yasuda will design the characters. The film will also be directed by Takehiro Kubota.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

Following are the cast and crew of the anime:.

  • Japanese actor Takao Abo (Supervision and storyboards)
  • Anime actress Ami Sato is from Japan (Scriptwriter)
  • Actor and filmmaker Takahito Onishi hails from Japan (Scriptwriter)
  • She’s Momoko Toyoda (Scriptwriter)


  • Reina Ueda’s voice was provided by Miyo Saimori.
  • The voice of Kaito Ishikawa was portrayed by Kiyoka Kudo.
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The Expected Plotline of My Happy Marriage

When Two Individuals Meet and Fall in Love, Regardless of Their Backgrounds, Kinema Citrus’s “my Happy Marriage” Narrates the Narrative. Miyu Saimori (Reina Ueda) Hails from A Well-To-Do Household in The Story. Kiyoka Kudou’s Stepmother and Half-Sister Arrange for Her to Be Married to Him After They Learn of Her Plans to Wed Him (Kaito Ishikawa).

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

It Was Only After Seeing Kiyoka for The First Time that All of His Previous Fiances Broke up With Him. a More Meaningful and Loving Existence than The One She Currently Leads at Home Is Opened up For Miyu by This. Kiyoka’s Friendship with Her Gives Her a Sense of Self-Worth, and She Develops a Crush on Her. Only One Season of The Romance Anime Series Has Been Confirmed Thus Far. a Second Season of The Original Light Novel, Which Began in 2018 and Has Already Been Published in Three Volumes, Is Still Possible, However.

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My Happy Marriage Anime Trailer

Fans Got More than Just a Tweet About the Release Date. in Fact, Further Information About the Series Was Revealed in A One-Minute Video. It Was Essentially a Teaser for The Future Series, and The Responses Were Generally Positive. at The Outset, the Trailer Concentrated on Its Central Character, Miyo.

More of Kiyoka Kudo Was Eagerly Anticipated by Fans. Sadly, the Fans Were Left Disappointed Because Not Much of This Character Could Be Seen. One of The Anime’s Producers Is Studio Kinema Citrus. It Was Clear that Both the Content and The Presentation Were Highly Valued by The Group’s Followers. if This Hasn’t Already Done It, It’s Sure to Have.

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About My Happy Marriage Anime

Akumi Agitogi and Tsukiho Tsukioka Have Collaborated on A Number of Projects, Including My Happy Marriage, a Lighthearted Romance Novel. Earlier This Year, the Series’ Debut Book Was Released. that Summer, a Fifth Instalment of The Work Was Released to The General Public. in The United States, and the Light Novels Were Distributed Under Contract by Yen Press.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

Miyo Saimori Is the Title Character. After Being raised by her strict stepmother, Miyo marries Kiyoka, who had two previous fiancees break up with him after just three days of being engaged. Her husband-to-be, who is chilly and pale, has nowhere else to go, so Miyo attempts to open up her heart to him slowly… She may have only one more chance to experience true happiness and love before she dies.