MHA Characters: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

mha characters

My Hero, Academia’s cast is without a doubt one of the show’s most appealing features. Fans will never get bored of watching the characters’ interactions and their crazy dynamics. At first appearance, the program appears to have abandoned one of the most prominent shonen tropes: the importance of friendship. However, deeper inspection reveals that the aforementioned friendship power has always existed. It’s just done differently this time. Because My Hero Academia relies so largely on its characters to tell its plot, there are a number of characters who stand out. Because so many of them are outstanding, the more screen time a character gets, the more likely they will be favored by the community. Many MyAnimeList users have already expressed their preferences.

Fumikage Tokoyami Has Amassed a Large Number of Fans (2,095+).

From My Hero Academics, Fumikage Tokoyami and His Odd Dark Shadow

It’s No Wonder that Tokoyami Became a Cult-Favorite Thanks to His Intriguing and Stylish Quirk, Dark Shadow. He’s a Serious-Minded Class 1-A Student at U.A. Academy Who, While Generally in The Background, Has Gotten His Fair Share of Screen Time in Certain of The Series’ Arcs.
Tokoyami’s Quirk, in Particular, Has a Mind of Its Own, and In the Dark, It Grows More Powerful and Impossible to Control. as A Result, if There Is Too Much Light, Dark Shadow Becomes Easier to Control and Weaker.

Tomura Shigaraki Is One of The Few Villains that Has a Large Following of Fans (2,238+).

Shigaraki Is a Major Antagonist in The Story, and He Embodies All for One’s Resolve to Destroy Society. Decay, His Quirk, Allows Him to Destroy Everything that Comes Into Full Contact with His Hands, Making It a Dangerous Quirk for A Villain to Have.
Shigaraki’s Physical Look Is Unnerving as Well, as He Usually Wears the Hands of Departed Family Members as Part of His Villain Disguise. Fans May Adore Him Because He’s a Fantastic Villain.

mha characters

Hawks (2,317+ Favorites): Keigo Takami Is the No. 2 Pro Hero.

Because of His Quirk, Fierce Wings, Keigo Takami Is Known as The “wing Hero: Hawks.” Takami Has Big, Red Wings on His Back that He Can Use to Fly, as The Name Suggests. as A Supporting Character, He First Appears in The Fourth Season of The Anime. Takami Is Notable for Being the No. 2 Pro Hero, Which May Explain Why He Has so Many Admirers. He’s a Cognitively and Strategically Astute Guy, Which He Employs when Exploiting His Quirk.

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Denki Kaminari Is a Popular Comedic Relief Character (2,361+ Favorites)

Kaminari Has a Sizable Fanbase on My Anime List, and It’s Easy to Understand Why. He’s a Comedic Relief Character as Well as A Cheerful, Gregarious, and Active Character. Kaminari Has a Funny Side Effect when Using His Quirk, Electrification, in Addition to Being Usually Goofy. if Kaminari Isn’t Careful, He Can Exceed His Quirk’s Safe Wattage Limit, Rendering Him Vulnerable and Dizzy for Up to An Hour. Because He Has Little Control Over His Quirk, This Occurs Frequently.

Dabi Became Hero Killer Stain’s Philosophy’s Surrogate (3,423 Favorites)

It’s Tough to Talk About Dabi without Giving Too Much Away About the Plot, but Suffice It to Say that He’s a Figure Who’s Had a Dramatic Fall from Grace, Which Could Be One of The Reasons Why He’s One of The Few Villains with Such a Large Fan Base.
Dabi Appears in The Series Shortly After Hero Killer Stain Is Defeated, and He Fully Supports Stain’s Aim of Eliminating Fake Heroes. Dabi Is, in General, a Damaged Man Seeking Vengeance for The Injustices of His Upbringing, Which Is a Common Evil Theme.

Mirio Togata Has Amassed a Large Following (3,624+ Favorites) in A Short Period of Time.

Mario Had a Surprising Amount of Fan Support, Despite Being Introduced Late in The Series. at The Same Time, if He Didn’t Become a Fan Favorite, It Would Be Perplexing. Even in A Goldmine Like My Hero Academia, a Character with This Much Complexity Is a Tremendous Asset.

mha characters

In the Franchise, Himiko Toga Is a Well-Liked Villain (4,197+ Favorites).

Everyone’s Favorite Bad Girl, Himiko, Is, of course. She May Have a Few Loose Screws in Her Head, but That Doesn’t Seem to Stop Her from Gaining Popularity with Her Admirers. Himiko’s Over-The-Top Demeanor and Evil Temperament Have Never Let Her Down Since Her Debut. She’s One of The Show’s Few Villains Who Has Received Widespread Fan Adoration. Himiko’s Personality, on The Other Hand, Is a Bit Schizophrenic, and She Has Dubious Ideas About Love and Friendship.

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Tsuyu Asui Is a Consistently Rational Voice Among U.A. Students (4,527+ Favorites)

Tsuyu Is One of The Most Well-Balanced Pupils at U.A. Academy. They Have Major Anger Management Issues if They Don’t Have Self-Esteem Problems. The almost Single University of Arizona Student Has a Personality Trait that Defines Them. Tsuyu, or Tsu-Chan as She Prefers to Be Called, Is One of The Few Who Keeps a Level Head in Any Situation. Her Bluntness Adds to Her Allure.

Surprisingly Popular Supporting Character Eijirou Kirishima (5,383 Favorites)

Kirishima Was a Standout Character from The Start of The Series, but It Wasn’t until The Shie Hassaikai Arc that He Got His Due. One of The Things that Fans Appreciate About My Hero Academia Is that Practically Every Character that Gets Enough Screen Time Shines.
Kirishima Is a Key Figure in Class 1-A at The Moment. His Popularity Rivals Momo Yaoyorozu’s. Kirishima Has a Strong Sense of What Is “manly” and Wants to Live up To It.

Ochaco Uraraka (5,181+ Favorites) Is One of The Sweetest Girls in Class 1-A

In My Hero Academia, Ochaco Is Arguably the Most Important Female Character. She’s Seen Practically Every Significant Incident in The Plot from The Front Row. Ochaco Could Perhaps Be Considered the Class’s Brightest Star, Aside from The Big Three in Class 1-A.

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Shota Aizawa’s Cool Factor Earned Him a Lot of Votes from His Fans (6,157+ Favorites).

If a Character Possesses Aizawa’s Cool Look, Eraser Head’s Fantastic Hero Name, and Aizawa’s Overall Low-Intensity Disposition, They’re Bound to Stand Out. Having Stated That, Despite Demonstrating His Ability Numerous Times, Aizawa Is Frequently Undervalued by The Community. Fans Take His Abilities for Granted and Continue to Raise the Bar on What They Anticipate from Him. Despite This, Aizawa Has Firmly Established Himself as A Fan Favorite.

mha characters

All Might Is Well-Liked, but Not as Well-Liked as Some Believe He Should Be (8,514+ Favorites).

Even Before He Made His Official Debut, All Might Was a Huge Hit Among Fans. He Is Easily One of Anime’s Most Iconic Figures Due to His Wacky and Unusual Character Design. He Truly Is a Genius. as A Result, All Might’s Current Situation Is, to Put It Mildly, Problematic.
Many Admirers Believe that A Legend Like Himself Being Reduced to A Supporting Role Is Really Demeaning. Regardless, All Might Remains is One of My Anime List’s Top Five Fan Favorites from My Hero Academia.

Katsuki Bakugo Has a Surprising Number of Fans (19,284+).

As Enraged as He Is, Bakugo’s Rebellious Behavior Has Unquestionably Gained Him the Hearts of The Fanbase. Given that He Is Deku’s Main Rival, It’s Only natural for Him to Be the Center of Attention. His Rivalry with Deku Is Currently in A Hazy Condition. We Don’t Know Who Would Win in A Rematch but Suffice It to Say that These Two Childhood Friends Motivate One Another to Be the Best Heroes They Can Be.

Izuku Midoriya Is a Different Kind of Shonen Hero (22,991+ Favorites)

Izuku “Deku” Midoriya Is the Main Character of My Hero’s Academia, and He Aspires to Be the Best Pro Hero in The World. Deku’s Character Development Differs Significantly from That of His Counterparts in The Shonen Genre.
Unlike Other Shonen Protagonists, Deku Is More Reserved and Intelligent. Deku Had to Learn to Work Smarter and Harder than His Quirk-Blessed Colleagues Because of His Original Status of Being Quirkless. Deku’s Calm Demeanor in The Face of Peril Is Unusual Among Shonen Heroes.

mha characters

Shoto Todoroki Successfully Snatched the Show from Its Main Protagonist (23,565+ Favorites).

Shoto Todoroki Is My Hero Academia’s Sasuke… if Sasuke Were a Non-Edgy Adolescent Who Got Unwavering Fan Love. from The Moment He Was Unveiled, Shoto Had a Stronghold in The Spotlight.
Shoto Also Outperforms His Rivals (Deku and Bakugo) in Terms of Character Development. Todoroki’s Current State Is Almost Indistinguishable from His Personality at The Start of The Series. Fans’ Admiration for Him Is Largely Due to His Character Development.