Magia Record Season 3 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Magia Record Season 3 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

The release date for the second season of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story has been confirmed with a new trailer! It was announced that the second season of this Puella Magi Madoka Magica spin-off was in the works after the first season ended last spring. Studio SHAFT had previously announced that the second season would be released later this summer during the franchise’s 10th-anniversary celebrations earlier this year. Season 2’s premiere date has been set for July of this year. As part of the Summer 2021 Anime Season, Studio SHAFT has announced that the second season, officially titled Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story 2nd Season -Eve of Awakening-will premiere on July 31st, Japan. To commemorate the announcement of the premiere date, a stylish new trailer for the season gave us our first look at what to expect moving forward. Check out the video above to see it in action! The date has been announced on the official Twitter account:

It Was a Refreshing Change of Pace in Magia Record Season 3.

To begin with, it’s a major conceit of Magia Record anime that the characters’ main mysteries aren’t mysteries at all to the audience unless they’ve seen Season 1.

In order to keep the universe from dying from overheating, Kyubey and the Incubators have been harvesting the magical girls’ thermodynamically defying energy for a long time.
It’s time to move on to new territory now that all of the characters in Magia Record have caught up.
There has been a significant shift in the mythos due to the inclusion of characters like Kaede and Iroha who have the ability to revert back to their original form.

Magia Record Season 3
There was a time when the Witch’s transformation was thought to be final. Once again the girls have reason to be hopeful, as it appears they can defy the grim destiny that has doomed all previous Magical Girls.
Magical Girls who control their despair can summon their witch form and unleash new powers in battle, according to Touka. New abilities, known as Doppels, are now the Wings of Magius’ most powerful weapon of choice in their battle.
Until now, it appears that the Wings of Magius are pursuing a noble mission. Choosing not to join their cause would mean knowingly murdering former friends who have turned into witches, so I decided to join them. If the Wings of Magius want to save themselves, Kyubey says they’re willing to end the universe for it. Kyubey, on the other hand, was incorrect in asserting that a Magical Girl’s transformation into a witch could be reversed. Players of the Magia Record game, of course, we’re already aware of these plot twists. Although it is a welcome development to the formula, the truth will be revealed in Season 2 of Magia Record.

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Lost in The Midst of The Action Magia Record Season 3

The ostensible protagonist of the magia record season 3 Iroha Tamaki, made no progress in her quest to find her sister Ui during the first season.
When it comes to Iroha’s sisterly relationship, it’s a one-note character.
Main issue: lack of concentration. While this may be true, the plot of Magia Record’s story is stifled by its conformity to the mobile game design’s overflowing character roster.

Magia Record Season 3

In order to appeal to gamers, the anime introduces a large number of them in its storyline. Rather than focusing on the main mystery, the bloated cast provided a slew of character detours instead.
Mami and Kyoko were introduced to help tie the side story/gaiden into the main story, but their presence did little to advance the plot.
The Wings of Magius are initially introduced as the antagonists, but because they aren’t the real bad guys, they didn’t have much to do in the story.

Magia Record Season 3
Iroha is merely a bystander in the flow of the game’s quasi-related scenarios because its members are reoccurring obstacles rather than a clear-cut goal.
Even the original anime’s themes aren’t fully explored in this new series.
There is only one drawback to Dapples: they undermine the already-established nature of the Witches, which lessens the dramatic impact and makes it harder to maintain the dark tonal connection with the rest of the Magia universe.

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Magia Record Season 3 Release Date

When RWBY first premiered in 2022, it was one of Rooster Teeth’s most popular original series, with the first eight seasons totaling more than 100 episodes.

Magia Record Season 3

It’s been revealed that fans can look forward to the four Grimm hunters returning to the world of Remnant in a new art style than what we’ve seen before in the television series’ highly-anticipated return. Ice Queendom will premiere in Japan on July 3rd, 2022, with a North American release on Crunchyroll the following month. This information comes from the official Twitter account for the series: