Love After World Domination – Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More in 2022!

Love After World Domination – Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More in 2022!

Love and hatred are usually thought to be closely related emotions. People have a proclivity for despising things, and it’s all too simple to feel enraged by something they adore. However, there is no bad blood between the tragic pair in “Love After World Domination.” If the couple in question weren’t also bitter foes, this wouldn’t be as startling.

This upcoming anime from studio Project No. 9 is based on the 2019 manga of the same name by Noda Hiroshi and Takahiro Wakamatsu. It aims to depict a captivating and hilarious love story about two people on opposite sides of a hero-villain battle. “Love After World Domination” might be the next major romance anime, with a predicted release time already set, a long list of cast members, and an intriguing plot centered on star-crossed lovers. With that in mind, here’s all we know about this new anime thus far.

Love After World Domination – Official Trailer 2

When will Love After World Domination be available to buy?

The “Love After World Domination” anime was first revealed by Kodansha in the May issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine, according to Anime News Network. Since then, the anime has disclosed numerous cast members and released a teaser video, indicating a 2022 release date.

On August 24, anime streaming provider Funimation announced that, in addition to its pre-existing broadcasting schedule on Japanese television, it would be responsible for bringing the series to an international audience. This is fantastic news for anime enthusiasts, as it almost certainly means that the series will be broadcast in both English and Japanese. In other words, once new episodes air in Japan, they will appear on Funimation.

The main disadvantage is that Funimation has not stated whether or not the show would be dubbed in other languages. Obviously, this is not essential for non-Japanese viewers to appreciate anime, but it does help many viewers who prefer to watch series in their own language. If they are devoted to seeing a dubbed version, they may have to wait longer than the rest of the “Love After World Domination” fan base.

Love After World Domination Anime Gets New Visual, Additional Cast

In Love After World Domination, who are the characters?

Two star-crossed lovers are at the heart of “Love After World Domination.” Fudo Aikawa, alias Red Gelato, is a “Power Rangers“-style tokusatsu hero. Fudo faces the wicked Gekko organization as the leader of the Gelato 5. Desumi Megahara (aka Princess of Death), one of Gekko’s most powerful henchmen, has knocked him out cold. Yusuke Kobayashi and Ikumi Hasegawa provide the voices for the two characters (via ANN). Fumihiko Tachiki tells their story for them.

They aren’t the only ones, though. The term “Gelato 5” suggests that Fudo’s team includes four additional heroes. Blue Gelato (voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu), Yellow Gelato (Nene Hieda), Green Gelato (Junji Majima), and Pink Gelato (voiced by Haru Orisugawa) are the other Gelatos (Rina Hidaka). Professor Big Gelato, a scientist, is one of the group’s supporters (Chafurin). These six fight together against Gekko’s evil powers, blissfully oblivious of their leaders’ scandal.

Love After World Domination Episode 1 Review – But Why Tho?

Meanwhile, some genuinely out-of-this-world villains are occupying the dark side. Supreme Leader Bosslar, Gekko’s leader, is nearly as wicked as they come. Tomokazu Sugita is his voice actor. This is not to denigrate Culverin Bear (Hiroki Yasumoto), Princess of Steel (Hisako Kanemoto), or Princess of Magical Beasts (Hisako Kanemoto), his equally nasty henchmen (Kana Hanazawa).

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What does Love After World Domination have to do with the plot?

Much of the plot of “Love After Domination” should have been clear by now. Fudo and Desumi are the central characters of the show, and they are attempting to reconcile their romance with their professional lives. Going from street fights to affection is a unique struggle. But, one day at a time, these two appear to make it work.

Love After World Domination Episode 2 English Subbed

However, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re kind to one another. The trailer, if anything, demonstrates how serious these two are about their respective roles as hero and evil. Desumi fantasizes about the day when Gekko will govern the entire world, while Fudo wishes for world peace.

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They don’t pull any punches when it’s time to throw down (well, maybe a little, sometimes). It’s simply that they’re still madly in love with each other at the end of the day. How will these two lovers maintain their love when they seem to be constantly at odds with one another? We won’t know until the 2022 premiere of “Love After World Domination.”