Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date Will The Anime Return? All The Latest Details!

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date Will The Anime Return? All The Latest Details!

Mamare Touno’s novel and manga series of the same name inspired the anime television series Log Horizon. Mamare Touno is the creator of this Japanese anime show.
The anime adaptation of the famous novel was created by Satelight. The first season lasted 24 episodes and aired between October 5, 2013, and March 22, 2014.
The second season of Log Horizon was produced by Studio Deen and aired for 25 episodes between October 4, 2014, and March 28, 2015.
After its debut, Log Horizon quickly gained a following, and by the end of season 2, it had established itself as one of Japan’s most popular anime series. Why did the show end? These reports only aggravated the situation.
Log Horizon Season 3 fans were worried about the future. Season 3 will consist of 12 episodes, as announced by Studio Deen. In the following section, you will find the exact release date.

Season 4’s Cast?

Despite the long gaps between seasons, many of the actors who appeared in previous episodes have been retained, at least for the English dub. There were at least four actors in lead roles returning to the show when Funimation announced the official release date of the English dubbed version of Season 3 in February 2021.
Mike Yeager, who voiced Shiroe, a quiet engineering student who transforms into a heroic enchanter after being transported to “Elder Tale,” was one of them.

log horizon season 3 release date

Jd Saxton and Andrew Love, who voiced Shiroe’s childhood friend Naotsuga, have both been confirmed to play Akatsuki, another founding member of the “Log Horizon” guild. Jovan Jackson as Nyanta was the final returning actor.
It’s difficult to say whether they’ll stay on board for the next set of episodes without more information about when “Log Horizon” is scheduled to be produced or released. The fact that they were willing to return after the show’s previous five-year hiatus is a good sign that Season 4 will see them return.

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Season 3’s Plot?

“Destruction of the Round Table” is the subtitle for Season 3 of Log Horizon. As a result, the Alliance should anticipate significant conflicts between natives and newcomers.
This season begins a year after the gamers and the Goblin King fought for a year. “Genius,” a new monster, appears.
The prosperous city of Akiba is undoubtedly threatened by genius.

log horizon season 3 release date

Politics may cause a great deal of friction between the East and West aristocrats. In fact, the widening divide among adventurers creates tension throughout the season. Finally, the question is how Shiroe will deal with the crisis of breaking the Round Table, which has long been regarded as a symbol of their unity.

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Is Season 4 of Log Horizon Coming Out?

Unfortunately, knowing when “Log Horizon” Season 4 will be available is one of the most difficult things to predict. The show’s production history is a little hazy, but fans can look back at previous seasons to get a sense of when their favorite characters will return to “Elder Tale.”
Season 1 of “Log Horizon” debuted in 2013 and lasted 25 episodes until March 2014. (via IMDb). Season 2 began in October of that year and lasted until March of the following year.

log horizon season 3 release date

Following that, the show went on hiatus for a while before returning in October 2020 with a 12-episode third season titled “Fall of the Round Table.” According to the Anime News Network, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, production has been delayed, and the show will not air until January 2021.
So, what does Season 4 hold in store? Studio Deen, the show’s production company, has shown that it can turn seasons around quickly while also taking the time to give the show the attention it deserves. It’s difficult to predict when Season 4 of “Log Horizon” will premiere without more information from the show’s creators, but at this point, the earliest possible date appears to be early in the first week of June 2022.

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Season 3 Trailer for Log Horizon