Kiss Him, Not Me Anime Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

[Tilte] Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

“Kiss Him, Not Me,” a reverse-harem anime and romantic comedy, is about a young “fujoshi,” or female anime and manga fan who gravitates toward close male relationships. Then her favourite anime character dies on screen, and she goes into a terrible funk for a week, losing a lot of weight. When she finally emerges from her chamber, she has transformed into a conventionally lovely woman, attracting the attention of lads she had previously ignored (save to ship them with each other). The relationships are the focus of this anime.

The one-season series is produced by Brain’s Base and distributed in the United States through Crunchyroll. It’s been about five years since the final episode of “Watashi ga Motete Dsunda” (“What’s the Use of Me Being Popular” or “Boys, Please Kiss Him Instead of Me”) aired in Japanese, and there hasn’t been an official announcement of a Season 2 yet, so it’s probable that one will never materialise. Here’s all we know about the shoujo anime series’s likely return.

Kiss Him, Not Me Season 2’s characters?

Kae Serinuma, a high school junior and female otaku enamoured with BL (Boy Love), as well as the anime “Mirage Saga” and its hero Shion, is the primary character of “Kiss Him, Not Me.” She is unsure how to handle her newfound fame after becoming slim and attractive as a result of not eating for a week while grieving his on-screen death.

[Tilte] Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Yusuke Igarashi (Alejandro Saab in the well-received English dub), bad boy Shion-lookalike Nozomu Nanashima (Orion Pitts), smart and effeminate tsundere Hayato Shinomiya (Justin Briner), and laid-back and accepting Asuma Mutsumi (Justin Briner) are the four boys who suddenly become a big part of her life (David Wald). Shima Nishina (Michelle Rojas) is another female otaku vying for Kae’s affections.

When will Season 2 of Kiss Him Not Me be released? (Date of Publication)
Although the show’s creators have not announced the show’s cancellation, there has been some suspicion. Following the announcement of Kiss Him Not Me’s second season, it appears that a release date will be announced soon. Season 2 of Kiss Him Not Me is set to premiere around the end of 2022, according to the timetable.

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When will Kiss Him, Not Me Season 2 be released?

“Kiss Him, Not Me” has received no renewal notice to date. Unfortunately, the longer the series goes without being renewed, the less likely it is to be renewed, particularly with the same voice talent and art design.

[Tilte] Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Junko’s manga source material has been released in 14 volumes by Kodansha in Japan (through Anime News Network) and Crunchyroll Manga in digital versions between 2013 and 2018. is expected to premiere on July 17, 2022. Since Season 1 covered around eight volumes of the manga, that indicates there’s enough for at least one more season.

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Who could appear in Kiss Him Not Me Season 2?

Despite the fact that the upcoming Kiss Him Not Me Season has yet to be officially announced, we can expect practically every character to return assuming the season 2 premiere date is kept. In addition, we may see some familiar faces in season 2.

[Tilte] Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

In addition to the majority of the characters returning, the upcoming season will feature numerous new recurring and side characters.

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Regarding Kiss Him, Not Me

Kae Serinuma is an otaku who goes overlooked in her class because she is overweight. Shio from the fiction anime series Mirage Saga, her favourite character, dies one day. She becomes depressed and avoids meals for the following week. She is entirely transformed into a slender, lovely girl when she emerges from her room after a week of confinement. Everyone is intrigued by her when they return to school. Even more so, four of her school’s good-looking lads are head over heels in love with her. She must make decisions as they attempt to seduce her. They have no idea, however, that the fujoshi in her genuinely wants to see them together.

[Tilte] Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

From October 6 to December 22, 2016, the anime aired. It lasted 12 episodes, and by the end, Kae has found love in Shion after learning that he will return in the next season of Mirage Saga. Crunchyroll and Anime Limited licenced the anime adaptation for worldwide distribution after it aired on TBS and BS-TBS. In an otome game, Kiss Him Not I deal with cliched situations.