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Killing Stalking Anime – Current Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

Killing Stalking, written and illustrated by Koogi, began on November 23, 2016, and ended in early 2019, with 67 chapters. The manga earned the 100,000,000 won Grand Prize Award at the second Lezhin World Comics contest and was released online in Korean and English by Lezhin Comics. Fans of the manhwa Killing Stalking are eagerly anticipating an anime adaptation. Is it possible that we’ll have it by 2022?

We’ve all liked someone for their personality, appearance, or a combination of the two. But when you get to know someone better, they become someone else—have you ever had that happen to you? Killing Stalking is Koogi’s latest manhwa, and it has already captivated readers with its plotline, premise, and characters. It’s rare for a manhwa to have a decent plot, easy character development, and the interest of the fans all in one package. But all of them have been attained by Koogi’s ‘Killing Stalking,’ particularly the attention of fans. The focus of the fans is dispersed. Some praise the manhwa and its story, while others condemn it for glorifying rape and abuse. We’ll even mention a few fan remarks.

Killing Stalking Animation

Plot to Kill Stalkers

Yoon Bum, a Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer, likes Oh Sangwoo in this narrative set in the present world. Bum is smitten with Sangwoo, and they’re both college students. Both Sangwoo and Bum had tumultuous life. Bum’s parents died, he was adopted by his uncle, and he was raped by his uncle, soldiers in the army, and Sangwoo throughout his childhood. Sangwoo, on the other hand, did a plethora of ‘not-so-good’ things that are difficult to put into words. Sangwoo is a serial killer, abuser, murderer, rapist, manipulator, and menace, to name a few characteristics.

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It’s difficult to come across a manhwa as good as Killing Stalking. And if you come across this manga, you’ll question why there isn’t an anime adaptation. There’s a chance that some studios would be interested in taking on the project.

Is an anime adaptation of Killing Stalking in the works?

Killing Stalking has a few fan-created animations, but no legitimate studio has made any statements. As a result, an anime version of Killing Stalking is unlikely to be released in 2022. However, if a studio decides to pick it up because of its potential, we may see an announcement for the same. For the time being, however, no release date has been set.

Review by fans

Some fans dislike Killing Stalking. It has a triggering effect on the mind. Others in the Killing Stalking (KS) fandom lash out at Bum for his behavior and deeds toward Sangwoo, while some connect with the plot and the characters. Others are appalled that people are truly shipping Bum and Sangwoo, who are nothing more than an abuser and a victim in their relationship. When Seungbae was the one to save Bum, some fans were critical of him. They’re furious with Bum for abandoning Sangwoo. While some fans defend these remarks, others sympathize with Bum and Sangwoo and wish them well.

Many fans have also attempted to rationalize the author’s behavior. According to some, the author romanticizes rape and abuse. All of these charges have been refuted by the author. However, their stance is contradicted by Koogi’s artwork and fanart.

It is not acceptable for any author to normalize rape and abuse. It is unjustifiable for fans to criticize the creator. It’s fine to express your personal views, but putting them on someone who is simply doing their job is not acceptable. Neither the author, who is simply performing his or her job, nor any of the fans, who are only expressing their opinions, are at fault. It is more professional and appropriate to understand the work and to take reviews for your work.

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