List of Kakegurui Characters Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

kakegurui characters

It’s no surprise that Kakegurui has so many memorable characters. No one can disagree that the majority of the cast in this series is enjoyable to watch. There are unique personalities among the characters, with several of them having different motives and evolving during the series. Kakegurui is a well-liked Netflix anime series with a slew of spinoff mangas. For the sake of this listicle, we won’t be mentioning Kakegurui Twin or any other related spin-off.

The 10 most entertaining characters in Kakegurui

It’suki Sumeragi, of Course.

A number of Yumeko’s enemies become pals, including Itsuki. Initially, she is viewed as the daughter of a toy company’s affluent president. Advertising the company with a pack of cards that may also be used to cheat is based on a concealed design element that is pointed out to the audience by her.

kakegurui characters
Yumeko’s fingernails were unavailable to her when she was expelled from the Student Council following her defeat. When Yumeko challenged Kaede to a wager, she would remove her own fingernails in order to support her. Yumeko took a risk that would eventually cost her her job, but she came out on top in the end.
With her win, Yumeko took control of Kaede’s life—even though she had a crush on him the entire time.

Kaede Manyuda Is a Character in The Anime Series

In the Beginning, Kaede Appears to Be Cunning and Calculating in His Demeanor. There Are Few Major Male Characters in Kakegurui’s Cast, and While There Are Few Like Mary and Kirari, His Prominence Is Still Minimal. Still, He’s Extremely Ambitious and Wants to Be the President of The Student Council.
To Make Matters Worse, He Loses a Large Bet to Yumeko, and As a result, His Life Is in The Hands of Itsuki. Even if His Hair Has Somehow Turned White, He Is as Sensible as Ever. Itsuki, Yumeko, Miroslava, and Ibara Will Subsequently Play a Significant Role in The Greater Good Game with Him.
The Moment He Discovered that Miroslava and Itsuki Were Plotting Against the Rest of The Team, He Showed Off His Brains. This Is the First Time Since the Last Time He Was Relevant that Itsuki’s Side-Bet Loss Left Him Feeling Conflicted.

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Yaya Yaya!

The Admirers of Yumemi, a Pop Star, Are Devoted to Her and Would Do Everything for Her. It Didn’t Even Matter to Them that She Disliked Them and Merely Wanted to Become an Idol to Catapult Her Career Into Superstardom as A Famous Hollywood Actress.
To Her Credit, She Is Able to Identify Each and Every One of Her Followers. in Kakegurui Xx, She and Yumeko Had a Brief Reunion as They Square Off Against Yumemi’s Hero, Sumika Warakubami. in Spite of Sumika’s Success, Yumemi Still Aims to Become a Hollywood Star.
In the End, Yumeko and Yumemi Defeated Sumika. Sumika’s Bet with Yumemi May Have Started out As a Two-Faced Idol, but It Ended with Her Being Humbled.

Midari Ikishima

For Better or For Worse, Midari’s Presence in Kakegurui Is Difficult to Forget. Depraved Fantasies About Self-Inflicted Wounds Plague Her. She Does, However, Share Some Similarities with Yumeko in That They Don’t Consider Money to Be Important when Gaming.
Midari Begins to Develop Feelings for Yumeko After Her Defeat by Her Rival. in Midari’s Case, Yumeko Doesn’t Want to Recognise Her Because She’s Prone to Rigging Games to Lose (thus Eliminating the Risk Yumeko Loves). at Times, Yumeko Playsfully Ignores Midari in Order to Provide Some Much-Needed Comedy to Her Persona.
Kakegurui Midari, the Manga in Which She Is the Protagonist, Also Focuses on Her Darker Side. but She Has a Loyal Following of Admirers, and The Manga Includes Several Well-Written Sequences that Deepen Our Understanding of Her Character.

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Momobami Ririka

Even Though Ririka and Her Twin Sister Have Many Similarities, Her Mask Makes Her Stand out In Kakegurui as A Distinct Character. Many of The Series’ Fans Adore Her Because of Her Close Friendship with Mary. that Bond Was Essential in Transforming a Previously Overly Reliant Persona Into an Independent Woman Who Exudes More Self-Assurance.

kakegurui characters
The Fact that She Was Doomed to Be Nothing More than A Doppelganger of Her Sister Was Not Good News for Her. They Have a Wonderful Relationship as Siblings, and Their Resemblance to One Other Makes It Easy for One to Pretend to Be the Other. Because of Ririka’s Development as A Character, She Appears to Be More Humanitarian than Her Older Sister.

Ryota Suzui

When Yumeko Arrived at Hyakkaou Private Academy, Ryota Was the First Person She Made Friends With. It’s a Pleasant Surprise to See a Straight Man Among a Cast Consisting of Deceitful and Bizarre Characters Like Kakegurui. After She Paid Off His Debt, He Began to Follow Her Around, Frequently Warning Her Against Taking a Risky Bet.
His Advise Is Ignored by Yumeko at Every Opportunity. His Feelings for Her Are Undeniable, and He’s Not Afraid to Put His Own Life on The Line Alongside Mary’s to Face Miyo and Miri Obama. the Obama Sisters Lose This Game Because He Trusts Mary with Everything.
He May only Be a Supporting Character, but He’s a Likable One. in Addition, the Live-Action Version of Him Is a Lot of Fun to Watch.

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 Kirari Momobami

Student Council President Is an Expert Gambler, as One Would Expect from Someone in His Position. at First Glance, She Appears to Be a Villain, but As The Story Unfolds, We See More of Her Good Side Come to Light. Her Affectionate Bond with Her Identical Twin Sister, Ririka, and Her Amorous Aspirations for Sayaka Serve as Good Examples of This Trait.
Along with The Housepet System, She Has a Strong Belief that Schools Are Like Fish Tanks, in Which Larger Fish Devour Smaller Ones. neither Midari nor Any Other Student Who Lives on One of Her Life Plans Flinched when Midari Pierced Her Own Eye with A Pen.
Kirari, Like Yumeko, Is a Complete and Utter Maniac when It Comes to Gaming.

Ibara Obami.

The Paradox of An Honest Man in A Family of Swindlers Is Astounding. It’s Impossible for Ibara to Tell the Truth in This Circumstance. Although He Has the Outward Appearance of A Punk, He Is Actually a Kind and Gentle Soul Who Must Put on A Brave Face for The Sake of His Family. Rin, on The Other Hand, Is More than Capable of Doing the Dirty Work for Him.

kakegurui characters
Rin, of Course, Has Been Taking Advantage of Him the Whole Time. He Sticks up For Rin Even Though He’s on The Verge of Being Expelled and Out of The Race. when Compared to The Other Characters in Kakegurui, He Has the Most Likability out Of the Entire Cast of The Hundred Devouring Families.

Yumeko Jabami Is the Author.

There Is No Denying that Kakegurui’s Protagonist Is an Intriguing Figure. Because of Her Depravity as A Gambler, She Ends up Ruining the Lives of Everyone She Comes Into Contact With. She Doesn’t Care About Winning or Losing; She only Cares About the Thrill of The Chase.
No Matter How High the Risk, It Doesn’t Matter. Midari’s Behavior in Their First Game Together Show that She Was Annoyed when The Game Was Rigged to Be Risk-Free, and This Is Clear in The Way She Handled Her. She Has a Keen Sense of Intuition and Can Detect when Someone Else Is Being Dishonest. Even if This Mix of Characteristics Puts Her in A Difficult Situation, She Often Relies on Dumb Luck to Get Through. if You’re a Fan of Kakegurui, You’ll Often Be Surprised by Yumeko, Despite the fact that She’s Usually the Victor in Battles. Her Interactions with Other Characters Are Also Enjoyable when The Cast Isn’t Gambling.

Ms. Mary Saotome

Mary, a Low-Income Student, Is the Only One of The Academy’s Students Who Isn’t from A Wealthy Family. One of Kakegurui’s Top Gamblers Despite Not Being a Member of Either the Student Council or The Hundred Devouring Families. Tsundere or Not, She’s a Lot of Fun to Watch Despite Having Certain Stereotypical Characteristics. Mary Makes Her Debut in Kakegurui as An Antagonist, but She Is Defeated by Yumeko and Goes on To Become a Deuteragonist. What an Adventure It Has Been Seeing Her Transform Over the Course of Kakegurui Twin, Which Is Not Even Taking Into Account the Fact She Is the Main Protagonist. We Like How Well She Gets Along with The Rest of The Group, and How She Accepts Ririka as An Ally in Kakegurui.

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The Storyline

A Filler Episode Was Aired in Kakegurui’s Second Season Because the Character Rei Batsubami Was Created Expressly for The Show. Even After the Show’s Dramatic Ending, the Main Storyline Concerning the Election Remained Tense for Fans.

kakegurui characters
Season 3 of Kakegurui Could Either Continue the Election Arc from Season 2 or Begin the Momobami Sisters’ Fight Straight Away. Season 2 Ended with A Cliffhanger.