Initial D’s MF Ghost Release Date, Cast and More!

Initial D’s MF Ghost Release Date, Cast and More!

Nothing compares to “Initial D” in the world of anime. The adrenaline-pumping series about Japanese drag racers and the extremely skilled adolescent who beats them all in a stock Toyota AE86 has become something of a cultural icon. Even if you haven’t seen “Initial D,” you’ve probably heard the soundtrack somewhere on the internet. “Running in the 90s,” “Gas Gas Gas,” and “Deja Vu” are all certified Eurobeat bangers that mirror the show’s fast-paced racing sequences and have gone far beyond the confines of “Initial D,” becoming part of much broader meme culture.

Takumi Fujiwara’s and his Eight-glory Six’s days are unfortunately finished. Shuichi Shigeno’s original manga finished in 2013, and the final installment of a film trilogy in 2016 was the last time “Initial D” was shown in anime form. Shigeno was not done with his high-octane world of racing just because the original “Initial D” crossed the finish line. The manga artist began a follow-up series called “MF Ghost” in 2017, and it is now getting its own adaptation. So, without further ado, here’s all we know about “MF Ghost’s” release date, cast, and plot.

Initial D Sequel Manga MF Ghost Gets English Digital Release

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When will MF Ghost be released?

“MF Ghost” has been a manga since 2017, but an anime adaptation is only now coming out. Avex Pictures released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming series on YouTube on January 3rd, announcing the series. The manga publishing company Kodansha also posted a promotional graphic announcing the series’ production, according to Anime News Network. “MF Ghost” is planned to appear next year, in 2023, according to both the teaser and the photograph.

Unfortunately, neither source gave a specific date for the publication of “MF Ghost” in 2023. Likewise, no information about where or how fans outside of Japan would be able to view the series has been released. However, it is likely to appear on Crunchyroll or Funimation at some time, as is the case with most anime. As the anime’s debut date approaches in 2023, more information will become available.

Initial D Sequel MF Ghost Anime Coming 2023, Main Character Drives Modified  Toyota 86 - autoevolution

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In MF Ghost, who are the protagonists?

While Takumi is unquestionably the most well-known character in the “Initial D” universe, the series “MF Ghost” offers a refreshing change of pace by focusing on a new character named Kanata Livington. Kanata is a British-Japanese racer who went to a racing school in England and now competes in Japan’s MFG circuit. It is uncertain who will play this new protagonist at the time of writing.

In “MF Ghost,” Kanata will not be the sole main character. Takumi and Ryou (the MFG circuit’s boss) will return at some point in the series, as will other fan favorites. Kanata, too, has a few supporters in the MFG. Ren, the mechanic Ogata, and Shun Aiba, his love interest, are among them. When “MF Ghost” is launched, it is still uncertain who will play these roles.

What is MF Ghost’s storyline?

“MF Ghost” is set in a post-driver world in an unnamed future year, perhaps sometime in the 2020s. In Japan, the majority of commercial vehicles are already self-driving, with racers being the only ones who care to take the wheel. Enter Kanata Livington, a half-British racer who graduated first in his class from a racing academy and now returns to Japan to dominate the MFG circuit. Kanata is a downhill specialist, like his coach, the renowned Takumi Fujiwara. Kanata plans to become the circuit’s top racer in his faithful Red Toyota 86 GT.

Kanata will also be looking for his long-lost father, which is not the character’s primary purpose for visiting Japan. He’s looking for clues to his location while he’s not racing under his father’s surname, Katagiri. It’s unclear if Kanata will be able to overcome the MFG and find his father, but when “MF Ghost” premieres in 2023, all will be known.