Haikyuu!! 10 Most Favorited Characters, According To MyAnimeList!

haikyuu characters

There are many similarities between My Hero Academia and Haikyuu!!, and it’s even feasible to identify the characters’ analogs.
Haikyuu!! and My Hero Academia both feature an underdog protagonist who has an insatiable desire to accomplish a seemingly unachievable objective. It’s all about Karasuno High School’s volleyball team, and how hard it will be to get there and win Spring Nationals. Class 1-A at UA High School is the focus of My Hero Academia, which follows their path to becoming heroes.

  • Izuku Midoriya

The most evident character comparison between MHA and Haikyuu is that of their personalities. Each of Hinata’s and Midoriya’s key characters begins the story as a young person with high hopes and a clear plan for the future. Both of them are really enthusiastic.
A new “Tiny Giant” and a “World’s Best Hero” are the goals of Hinata and Midoriya, respectively, and fans get to see how they get there. Mentors and classmates (fhttps://myheroacademia.fandom.com/wiki/Shoto_Todorokiriendly or otherwise) surround them both, but they both have a tendency to push themselves too far.

  • The duo of Tobio Kageyama and Shoto Todoroki/Katsuki Bakugo

When it comes to character traits, Kageyama’s mentality and drive most closely resemble those of Todoroki, but he also shares certain traits with Bakugo, such as his desire to see Hinata succeed and so improve himself, as well as his violent outbursts. As with Bakugo and Todoroki, Kageyama’s skill and personality development are hindered by a number of challenges.
As the series progresses, Kageyama and Todoroki become more and more like each other, as both are prodigies who are aiming for the top spot with someone they believe to be an obstacle until they become close friends and fight partners.

haikyuu characters

  • The three authors are: Kiyoko Shimizu, Momo Yaoyarozou

Kiyoko is in her third year as manager of the Karasuno High Volleyball Club. When she decides to speak up, she shows excellent leadership qualities, although she isn’t without some anxiety. In the beginning, she is apprehensive when presenting the squad with their “Fly” banner, but wants to make sure that they know she is there for them. Kiyoko is most like Momo in these respects because Momo is the class deputy and maintains a cool demeanor even in the midst of her own insecurities.

  • [Young] Coach Ukai and [Shota] Aizawa

Coach Ukai, who tries to keep a low profile in order to protect his players and even Coach Takeda, is both calm and intense at the same time. At first, he couldn’t be bothered, and Aizawa still has that attitude from time to time.

haikyuu characters

  •  Daichi Sawamura & Tenya Iida

This year, Daichi is leading the Karasuno team as its third-year captain, and he does so while also ensuring that his friends and teammates know how much he values them. Tanya Iida is a leader who cares about his students but is also a hardened warrior in battle.. It is Tenya’s job to make sure his classmates know the difference between right and wrong, yet he always backs them up and protects their well-being.

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  •  Kei Tsukishima & Fumikage Tokoyami

It’s hard to get along with Kei Tsukishima since he’s direct, earnest, and a little standoffish with individuals he doesn’t know. Like Tokoyami, he is also there to get the job done. They both take a while to warm up to someone, but once they do, they put their complete trust in the person they’ve chosen.While Tsukishima plays volleyball despite his lack of enthusiasm for the sport, Tokoyami has his demons when it comes to Dark Shadow. Tokoyami’s understanding and mastery of Dark Shadow, and Tsukishima’s blocking of Ushijima’s spike, demonstrate to fans their growth as players.

haikyuu characters

  •  Ryunosuke Tanaka & Eijiro Kirishima

Tanaka is a raucous and unflinching supporter. Both he and his MHA counterpart, Kirishima, are loyal friends who never give up on their pals no matter what. Also, Tanaka is protective of others, and as Kirishima warms up to Bakugo, he also stands up to him for others as well as making sure that Bakugo is secure and that he is cared for. Before and after the first years arrive, Tanaka does the same for Nishinoya and his teammates.

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  • The 8-year-olds Denki Kaminari and Nishinoya

Volleyball player and friend Nishijia is a loud and passionate volleyball player and friend at Karasuno High School. A noisy and passionate hero student, Denki never wants to disappoint his pals.

haikyuu characters

  •  Hitoka Yachi & Ochaco Uraraka

When it comes to denying their feelings for other characters, Yachi and Uraraka have a lot in common. When it comes to teamwork, they are both respectful but also cautious. After spending time with people who inspire them, both Uraraka and Yachi get a greater sense of self-confidence.

  • Bokuto & Togata are both Japanese.

At some point or another, every key character has a mentor, and occasionally more than one. At the training camp, Bokuto meets Hinata, a seemingly uninterested volleyball player who has a remarkable amount of talent and drive. After witnessing Hinata’s abilities and positive outlook, he quickly takes an interest in him and wants to be his mentor. Togata is one of MHA’s greatest heroes and mentors.

Haikyuu Characters

Mirio, like Bokuto, initially doubted Midoriya, but after seeing his genuine talent and can-do spirit, he became a mentor to him.