The God Of High School Season 2 Release Date Announcement And Trailer !

The God Of High School Season 2 Release Date Announcement And Trailer !

The God of High School is a popular anime series based on the same-named manhwa. The first season premiered on September 6, 2020, and the series has since been officially shown on famous YouTube platforms. The series takes place in Seoul, South Korea, where people participate in martial arts contests with godly power. Everyone in the anime community adored the first season. Is there going to be another season of God Of High School?

Crunchyroll was the platform that distributed the first season and also invested in the Anime’s reproduction. Many streaming sites have recently made significant investments in anime, with the intention of releasing them exclusively on their platforms when they are ready. The only thing a good anime does is make people want to watch God Of High School Season 2 again.

Season 2 of God Of High School: Everything You Need To Know

First and foremost, if you haven’t seen it yet, we strongly advise you to do so in order to catch up and so that you can connect the dots when we give specifics. You may check the trailer here to get a good idea of what the anime is about. Jin Mori, the main character, is a renowned person’s grandson. However, when he is 17 years old, he enters a competition to learn a few things and meets two new pals, who subsequently become his greatest friends.

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Season 2 of God of Highschool will air in the second quarter of 2019.

You are all welcome to come here to get the most recent information and updates. Season two has been much anticipated. You’ve arrived at the right place because we’ve provided all of the required updates and information, as well as some official announcements.

god of highschool season 2 release date


It’s a manga adaptation. On September 6, 2020, the first season premiered on popular YouTube channels. The series is set in Seoul, South Korea, where humans compete with godlike strength in martial arts. With the anime community, the first season was a huge hit.

The series combines mystical elements with martial arts and comedic elements. Both Android and iOS devices support the series. This series first aired in 2011 and was later translated into English in 2014.

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Is there going to be a second season of ‘The God of High School’?

Animes are typically made in order to make money and increase sales of the source content. The likelihood of a second season for every anime is determined by three things. The availability of source material, popularity and demand for additional seasons, and profitability are the three factors. For The God of High School, we looked into these elements.

The manhwa on which the anime ‘The God of High School’ is based is still ongoing, therefore there is no shortage of source material. There are currently 537 chapters available. Only 111 chapters from the first season were adapted. So there’s plenty of content for at least four more seasons.

The God of High School was one of the most popular anime series of 2020 when it came to popularity and demand. The first season had a massive global audience. The second season has a lot of supporters.

god of highschool season 2 release date


Profitability is unaffected. The webtoon God of High School produces a lot of money, the game is popular, and when you add in the money from the anime, it’s a win-win situation.

So, after weighing these three factors, we have wonderful news for all fans. The second season of God of High School will undoubtedly air. For the second season, we have ample source material, such as manhwa chapters. Furthermore, the first season attracted a large number of viewers, resulting in significant earnings for the producers. Finally, the anime community is abuzz with anticipation for the second season. All three of these characteristics would entice the producers to start working on the next season.

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Season 2 Plot of The God of High School

Given that the first season covered a complete story arc, predicting the plot of the second season is impossible. The warrior Taek (Kenjiro Tsuda) transforms into a god at the first season’s climax. He unleashes his talents on Mori and his companions. Mori’s memories are unlocked when he recalls that he is the great god Sun Wukong, often known as the Monkey King, rather than a mortal high school student.

Mori uses his abilities to attack Taek, turning him into a monster. Mori defeats Taek and wins the God of High School tournament with the support of his buddies.

god of highschool season 2 release date

The narrative appears to have reached its conclusion. However, Dewi and Mira close the first season by warning Mori that he must return to his hometown to fully retrieve his memories as a deity. As a result, we anticipate Mori visiting his homeland and embarking on new adventures.