Fruits Basket Season 3 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Fruits Basket Season 3 Release Date

The penultimate episode of Fruits Basket was an emotional rollercoaster for fans, as there was a touching moment for Yuki and Machi, and Tohru accepted a marriage proposal from Kyo, who was finally free to look to the future.

Before Tohru’s mother Kyoko passed away, we got a glimpse of her final thoughts. With only a few weeks till the final installment, here’s everything you need to know about the finale.

The cast of Fruits Basket

Laura Bailey (known for her appearances in the Spider-Man TV series and DuckTales) as Tohru is one of the English-speaking voices in the Fruits Basket cast. Yuki Soma, played by Eric Vale, is her classmate through whom she meets her extended family. Tohru’s late mother, Kyoko, is voiced by Lydia Mackay and appears to her in flashbacks throughout the series.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Release Date

Kyo is voiced by Jerry Jewell, while Shigure and Momiji Soma are played by John Burgmeier and Mikaela Krantz, respectively. Colleen Clinkenbeard (Akito), Kent Williams (Hatori), and Justin Cook round out the cast (Hatsuharu).

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What will happen in the plot?

It should be noted that it contains a season 2 spoiler. Tohru Honda, an orphan, will appear in the season. With the Sohma family, she is warped. There is, however, another side to that family. Some members of the family are cursed. There are 12 people in the family.
That family is attempting to conceal a dark and mysterious secret. When one of the cursed members hugged the opposite sex, they transformed into the animal of their zodiac sign. The thing is, Tohru discovered this mysterious secret very early in the series, in the first episode. As a result, she attempted to form bonds with other family members, and thus the adventure began. Season two, on the other hand, ended disastrously. Kureno received a video recording of the school play from Momiji. Kureno then abruptly stated that he wishes to reveal his greatest secret.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Release Date

Kureno, on the other hand, is the rooster of the zodiac. During the call, he accepts this in front of Tohru and Shigure. But no one believes it. So he decided to demonstrate. So he tightly held Tohru, but nothing happened. He is completely unaware of what is going on.
Kureno’s current circumstance is both happy and sad. He’s glad because he’s back to being a human and no longer have to be afraid of being hugged, but he’s also sad since he’ll never be able to fly again.

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Fruits Basket season 3 episode 13 is planned to air on Monday, June 28th at 10: 30 a.m. PDT, at the time of writing. The available streaming platforms were confirmed this time, but it is still subject to change. The episode will be released at the following times throughout the world if the time is correct:

Fruits Basket Season 3 Release Date

Pacific Time: 10: 30 AM PDT on Monday, June 28th
Central Time: 13: 30 AM CDT on Monday, June 28th
Eastern Time: 1: 30 PM EDT on Monday, June 28th
British Time: 6: 30 PM BST on Monday, June 28th
European Time: 7: 30 PM CEST on Monday, June 28th
Philippine Time: 1: 30 AM PHT on Tuesday, June 29th
Korea Time: 2: 30 AM KST on Tuesday, June 29th
Australia Time: 3: 30 AM ACST on Tuesday, June 29th.

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What is the story behind Fruits Basket?

The anime series first aired in 2001 before being relaunched in 2019. Fruits Basket follows Tohru Honda, a high school student who is adopted by the Soma family when her mother passes away. She realizes that practically every member of the family is cursed, with 12 of them being possessed by Chinese zodiac ghosts.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Release Date

When they are stressed, weak, embarrassed, or hugged by someone of the opposing gender, they each transform into their zodiac animal. Tohru agrees to keep the Soma family’s secret a secret, and her presence improves their lives. She sets out to end the curse, but she is met with vengeful ghosts along the route.

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Trailer for Fruit Basket

Before the third season, Funimation published an official subtitled version of the trailer, which you can view here: