Food Wars Season 4 – Everything You Should Know in 2022

Food Wars Season 4 – Everything You Should Know in 2022

After the third season ended earlier this year, fans are looking forward to season 4 of “Food Wars.” Here are some of the things we know about the show, which is also known as “Shokugeki no Soma.”


Season 4 of “Food Wars” will focus on the rivalry between the two teams. Each player will give it they’re all in order to win and send their opponents packing. Soma will maintain his position as the best chef in the world, and his culinary innovation will continue to astound everyone. He’ll probably rely on this to defeat his opponents.

“Food Wars!” Season 4 Trailer

When will it air?

Season 4 of “Food Wars” is expected to air this year. According to Toribaze, because “Yon no Sara” would not be released this year, the chances of the fourth episode of “Food Wars” being released this year have increased. This year’s anime is expected to be released in the summer or fall.

It was also revealed that the show is normally released over the summer, therefore “Food Wars” season 4 would most likely premiere this summer or in June. If this is the case, supporters should be on the lookout for an announcement, which might happen at any moment.

Food Wars Season 4 - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Furthermore, “Food Wars” season 4 or “Shokugeki no Soma” season 4 will, according to OtakuKart, be produced by J.C. Staff, who also handled the previous iteration. Because the company also oversees other anime, such as “One Punch Man,” which is set to premiere in April, “Food Wars” may be postponed as well.

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Finally, the “Food Wars” season 4 advertising trailer revealed the story’s next major development. It’s only a brief glimpse, but it confirms that Soma and Hayama will face off in a major battle, with the winner revealed when the anime series premieres.