15 Strongest Characters of Fire Force Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

15 Strongest Characters of Fire Force Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

One of the most important additions to Shonen anime has been Fire Force. Due to its fantastic storyline and superb animation, it garnered enormous popularity in a short period of time. The Ignition ability, which is exclusive to Fire Force, is a power system that focuses primarily on firepower.
Each member of the Fire Force has special Pyrokinetic abilities that make them more powerful than the others.


Vulcan Joseph is the Special Fire Force Company 8 engineer. God of Fire and Smithing is his moniker. Shinra, Arthur, and Iris had to persuade him to join the company because he was hesitant. Even yet, it is only after being attacked by Giovanni’s White Clad that Vulcan decides to give up his independence and join Company 8. This same Giovanni was responsible for Vulcan’s father and grandpa becoming Infernals. As a result, the little boy has developed a dislike for Giovanni, his firm Haijima, and the Fire Forces in general.
Vulcan is strongly devoted to his Company 8 buddies. He has a profound passion for animals and wants to restore the world’s natural equilibrium so that endangered populations can be replenished.

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When Vulcan joins Company 8, he immediately puts his vast technical skills to use. He not only maintains the company’s equipment, but he also creates new technologies to aid the heroes in their numerous battles against the Infernals and the White Clad. Despite his stubbornness and reluctance to join, he has shown to be a vital ally who has saved Company 8 members numerous times since joining.


Haumea is a member of the White Clad and a formidable Third Generation pyrokinetic. She, like Shinra, possesses the powerful Adolla Burst and is known as the Second Pillar. Haumea has been at the core of several important plot arcs since joining the White Clad at a young age, and is one of the most powerful characters in “Fire Force.” She was responsible for the kidnapping of Shinra’s brother Sho and the turning of their mother into an Infernal Demon, together with her partner Charon. From there, she’s only served to further the organization’s ambitions of a new Great Cataclysm.

Haumea’s powers most likely drove her insane since they allowed her to tap into humanity’s collective consciousness. Something inside the young woman cracked after years of hearing humanity’s deepest and darkest wants. To cope, she has developed a vicious disposition and delights in inflicting pain on others. She can hold her own against a variety of opponents, including some of Company 8’s best, thanks to her electrical abilities. Despite being a more recent addition to the anime, her importance in the manga has only grown in tandem with her might.

The Christian Evangelist

Like the Evangelist in Fire Force, the scariest characters in anime have always been these otherworldly monsters with unimaginable powers. Her true nature and origin are still unknown. Grace can be granted to those who are capable of forming bonds with her. The Evangelist has the authority to rescind her Grace at any time.
She has the ability to travel through space and produce country-wide earthquakes, which is unmistakable proof of her abilities. Despite the fact that her full talents have yet to be revealed, it is expected that a heavenly being like her will someday be the most powerful of all.

Shinmon Benimaru

In the whole series, Benimaru is the only Second and Third Generation Pyrokinetic Hybrid who can generate and manipulate flames with reasonable ease. He is normally cool and collected, but when he becomes enraged, even the Infernals flee to avoid being caught up in his fury.
Benimaru’s arsenal of skills can overwhelm his opponents, from damaging long-range projectiles to crushing others by releasing his Hysterical Strength. He is widely regarded as the series’ most strong character.


Iris is a sister of the Holy Sol Temple in Company 8’s service. Iris is an extremely powerful Third Generation and one of the Eight Pillars, but she is unaware of it. Iris, despite her modest character, finds strength in her faith and will go to great measures to assist her friends and teammates. Iris’ job as the Sister of Company 8 is to pray for the Infernals that the company is tasked with defeating. These prayers are thought to allow Infernals to pass peacefully into the next life.
For someone so young, Iris exhibits a remarkable level of maturity. Despite having been through a lot in her short life, she is more than eager to put her life on the line for her friends in the line of duty. Her compassion and commitment inspire her so much that she takes Tamaki Kotatsu, a Company 1 member on loan, under her wing and begins training her as a Sister. When she first appears in the series, she appears naive and destined to be Shinra’s love interest. She does, however, mature and comes into her own as time passes.


Arthur Boyle is pyrokinetic of the Third Generation who joins Company 8 at the same time as Shinra. Arthur is unique in the sense that he sincerely believes he is a knight. This is due to the stories his parents would tell him before abandoning him, according to the story. Arthur’s illusions have only deepened since then, most likely as a coping strategy for his tragic background. Despite this, Arthur’s knightly qualities are advantageous to him in Company 8. Despite the fact that he and his opponent, Shinra, have a lot of disagreements, the two of them constitute a powerful team. Indeed, it is their unexpected relationship that saves them both when things appear to be hopeless.

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Arthur can channel his flames into a plasma weapon he names Excalibur thanks to his pyrokinetic skills. Arthur, like so many others in the narrative, matures and gains power. He is able to battle toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful villains to grace the pages towards the end of the series. Though he isn’t the sharpest, he is unquestionably one of the bravest soldiers to serve in Company 8’s kingdom.

Burns, Leonard

Leonard Burns, the captain of Special Fire Force Company 1, is a formidable Third Generation Pyrokinetic. Burns doesn’t mind if his opponents are inferior to him; he prefers to go all out and crush them with the dreadful power he possesses. Burns improves his physical power with thermal energy by using his Ignition Ability “Voltage Nova.”
His firepower can become stronger over time, eventually breaking down the bounds to his limits and making him fully unstoppable. As he increases the strength of his flames, his Ignition Ability progresses from Stage 1 to 4.

Sho Kusakabe Is a Japanese Actor.

Sho Kusakabe was just a baby when he and his older brother Shinra Kusakabe were separated. When he was a baby, he accidentally triggered his Adolla Burst, which consumed his entire house in flames and converted his mother into an Infernal. After being kidnapped by Haumea, he became the Evangelist’s, Third Pillar.
Despite his childlike look, he is a great combatant who, thanks to his improved speed and power, can quickly overwhelm an opponent twice his size. Sho, like his older brother, had Adolla Burst and had gotten Adella Grace from the Evangelist.

Hinawa, Takehisa

The Lieutenant of Fire Force Company 8 is a ferocious and frightening individual. Despite the fact that he is a Second Generation pyrokinetic, Shinra and the rest of Company 8 are kept in check by his menacing demeanor. Takehisa has been with Captain Obi since Fire Force Company 8 was formed. Takehisa, despite his harsh demeanor and lack of emotion, genuinely cares about those under his command. This empathy extends to the Infernals that the Company is responsible for sending. In truth, Company 8 was formed on the premise of treating Infernals and their surviving family members with care and respect.
Takehisa, as a Second Gen, controls his flames through the use of firearms in warfare. By altering the propellant inside the shell, he can change the speed and trajectory of a bullet. Whereas many other powers focus on melee combat, his skills provide covering fire and long-range support for his colleagues. Takehisa is proficient with a variety of weaponry, but he prefers to use a handgun that a friend gave him while serving in the military. The Lieutenant creates the powerful backbone of Company 8 with his unique combat abilities and tight leadership.

Hibana Princess

Hibana, or Princess Hibana, is a Captain of Fire Force Company 5 and a Third Generation pyrokinetic. Hibana has a good heart, despite her first appearance as a competitor to Company 8 and her harsh treatment of Infernals and subordinates alike. Sister Iris and she grew up together in the Holy Sol Temple. She used to use her abilities as a child to produce beautiful flame art to entertain the other children who lived there. Hibana lost her religion and turned to science after a horrific fire broke out at the temple, killing everyone but Hibana and Iris. Her diligent investigation of Infernals led to her rising through the ranks of Haijima Industries and the Fire Force. Her meeting with Company 8 and, in especially, Shinra, prompted her to turn a new leaf. Hibana looked to revert to her childhood’s softer personality after their struggle. She would then go on to assist Company 8 in their investigation into the reason of the recent increase in Infernal sightings. Hibana was able to use her brilliant intellect, tactical prowess, and charms to identify those behind the nefarious plot, rather than being motivated by revenge and hatred.

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Burns, Leonard

Leonard Burns, the captain of Special Fire Force Company 1, is a formidable Third Generation Pyrokinetic. Burns doesn’t mind if his opponents are inferior to him; he prefers to go all out and crush them with the dreadful power he possesses. Burns improves his physical power with thermal energy by using his Ignition Ability “Voltage Nova.”
His firepower can become stronger over time, eventually breaking down the bounds to his limits and making him fully unstoppable. As he increases the strength of his flames, his Ignition Ability progresses from Stage 1 to 4.


During Shinra and Company 8’s inquiry into Infernals, they meet a slew of questionable personalities, the first of whom is Joker. Company 8 meets Joker multiple times, with each encounter putting the Company’s or others’ lives in jeopardy. Joker has been training Shinra and pushing him to grow stronger via their encounters in a somewhat brutal manner, reflecting on his own childhood and training. When Shinra reaches a new “level,” Joker bestows a new piece of information on the young Fire Force Soldier. The first intriguing revelation is that Shinra’s younger brother, Sho, is alive and well.
Joker, like many of the other characters in “Fire Force,” is a talented pyrokinetic. Though it is never mentioned what generation he belongs to, his ability to conjure flames with his fingertips leads to speculation that he is a Third Generation. Joker’s powers, however, aren’t confined to pyrokinetics. He is a brilliant hand-to-hand fighter with incredible speed, allowing him to keep up with Shinra and his fire-powered kicks. Joker is a threat to be reckoned with, thanks to a variety of gadgets and chemical concoctions courtesy of scientist Viktor Licht.

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Maki Oze Is a Japanese Actress.

Maki Oze is the Unit Leader in Company 8 and is a Second Generation pyrokinetic. Maki Oze, often known as the Fire Witch, is Company 8’s fierce but romantic heart. After being personally nominated by Takehisa, she was the third member to join the force. Maki formerly served in the Tokyo Army alongside Takehisa. Maki pushed harder than any other cadet to prove herself because her father was her Sergeant. Despite her family ties, Maki left the military to serve at Company 8 alongside Captain Obi and Lieutenant Takehisa, where she thought she could do more good.

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Maki is a deadly combatant despite being a Second Generation. Arthur and Shinra were quickly shut down after failing to lay a hand on the Fire Witch early in their training. She is seen to hold her own against more terrible adversaries such as Infernals and the White Clad as the book develops. Her special talents allow her to extinguish and absorb flames, putting a strain on the abilities of other pyrokinetics. Vulcan fashioned a set of weapons for Maki that she can manipulate with summoned fire spirits once he joined Company 8. There’s nothing Company 8 can’t conquer with her upbeat spirit and tenacity on their side.

Viktor Licht Is a German Film Director.

Viktor Licht is one of the few characters in “Fire Force” who isn’t pyrokinetic. He is the scientist of Company 8 and the chief of incendiary research at Haijima Industries. Viktor, like his buddy Joker, places a premium on the truth. As a result, he is ready to go further in his search for answers than one might expect, and he has switched “sides” on several occasions in his quest for understanding. Many people have questioned his loyalty and actual goals as a result of this. Regardless of his mistakes, he has remained a Company 8 comrade since enrolling.
Viktor is an unusual egg, but a vital ally nonetheless, as a self-described “weirdo.” He proved his worth by finding down the White Clad’s secret lair and assisting Joker on multiple occasions. Shinra and Company 8 profited indirectly as a result of this in their ongoing war against the White Clad. In a future where everyone and their brother seems to have superpowers, a character like Viktor can serve as an avatar through which the audience can experience the world. While he may not be completely relatable, it’s still simpler to put yourself in his shoes than Shinra’s, who has genuine fire feet that burn through every pair.

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Obi Akitaru

Captain Akitaru Obi of Fire Force Company 8 is a non-powered Captain. He stands toe-to-toe with Infernals and other super-powered persons due to his enormous courage and refusal to let his teammates down. He has a strong sense of justice and compassion, which is what led to the formation of Company 8 alongside Lieutenant Takehisa in the first place. Because an Infernal was once human, Captain Obi believes that killing one is still murder. As a result, he approaches each occurrence with high regard for both the Infernal and their surviving family members.
Captain Obi has regularly depicted training in order to keep up with these supernatural threats, and he takes great satisfaction in his physical strength. Captain Obi is shown working out in some manner practically every time the team isn’t fighting for their life. He is a jovial individual who enjoys spending time and laughing with his subordinates, despite the serious nature of his work and obligations. Even those who disagree with Company 8 can’t ignore the integrity of his character because of his strong sense of fairness and moral character.