The 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Characters Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

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Resurrecting Magenta and Carmine as part of a scheme to avenge Piccolo and Gohan, the Red Ribbon Army hires Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gero. With the help of Beerus and Whis, they train alongside Goku and Vegeta. As part of their offensive against Piccolo, the Red Ribbon Army deploys Gamma 2. It was Piccolo’s best effort, but he fell against the android’s overwhelming might. By pretending to be dead, he was able to infiltrate the Red Ribbon Army’s headquarters. Having an army of Dragon Balls at his disposal, Piccolo set his sights high.

To save Pan, Gohan arrives at the Red Ribbon Army’s base in time. While Gamma 1 is Gohan’s foe, Piccolo is up against Gamma 2. He evolves and defeats Gamma 2 in a different way. He then dispatched Gohan and Gamma 1 to end their suffering. Gamma 1 and 2 had a change of heart in order to save Gohan’s child.

Carmine defies Dr. Hedo by activating the Cell Max. Cell Max smashes his head and loses his left forearm when Gamma 2’s sacrifice harms him. Piccolo has Cell Max as Gohan transforms into Final Gohan and fires the Special Beam Cannon at Cell’s brain. Cell Max is destroyed. As previously stated, Dr. Hedo and Gamma 1 will also be joining the Capsule Corporation.


Her role in Dragon Ball Z may be less prominent, but she is still an important character that deserves recognition. If you’re in need of help, you can count on Bulma to come to the rescue with a few useful gadgets at her disposal. Without her arsenal of Capsule Corp. gear, where would our heroes find themselves? Bulma and Vegeta’s unusual romance is another one of the show’s more interesting subplots. Since her first team-up with Goku, she’s gone a long way.


The boundary between good and evil is usually clear in the DBZ universe, however, there are a few exceptions to this rule. I think Android 18 is a great example of this. When Future Trunks sends our heroes a warning about the world-conquering android 18, 18 swiftly shows herself to be more than just a killing machine. Sarcastic wit and an independent streak indicate humanity that Dr. Gero couldn’t completely extinguish. The series concludes with 18 abandoning her original plans to become a stay-at-home mom and creating a family with Krillin. But 18 is one of the show’s most interesting and fascinating characters even if we never learn more about how their friendship began.


Developed by Dr. Gero, Cell is the ultimate creation that has the capacity for near-infinite expansion. What makes him interesting is that he is willing to wait for characters to attain their full potential. He has the ability to annihilate anybody he chooses, but he prefers to wait until the heroes of Earth are at their peak strength before engaging in combat. The cell may not be the greatest villain in DBZ history, but he is responsible for some of the best moments in the show’s history. It is impossible to forget the tragic loss of Android 16, which prompted Gohan to unleash his ultimate potential. When Goku returns to assist his son in eventually defeating this all-powerful threat to humanity in the epic final fight, don’t forget.


A Dragon Ball Z list would be incomplete without mentioning Krillin, Goku’s lifelong training partner, and friend. Krillin, despite being outmatched by Goku in Dragon Ball Z, is always eager to battle, even if it means getting beaten up. His bad record in combat has become an ongoing joke at this point. Frieza’s attack on Krillin is the most unforgettable of his many deaths, something Krillin has never forgotten. Goku’s metamorphosis into a Super Saiyan began with the death of Vegeta, although it wasn’t all a waste of time. No matter how weak he is or how long he lives, Krillin is always there for his buddies, and that’s why he’s ranked seventh on our list.


When it comes to DBZ fighters, only Trunks has the distinction of appearing in two distinct forms during the course of the series. Trunks first appear in the Cell Saga as a battle-hardened teen warrior with a grave message early on. When Trunks defeats Mecha-Frieza and King Cold in the first episode, he sets the bar high for the rest of the plot as well as the follow-up film, The History of Trunks, in which he gains even more depth.
Younger Trunks is introduced to the audience later, a boy freed from the burdens of growing up in the midst of wicked androids. He and Goten are a constant source of amusement during the Buu Saga. Regardless of your preference, he’s an excellent addition to the ensemble.

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It was quite a turnaround for Piccolo in DBZ. For some, it’s easy to forget that he was the primary villain in Dragon Ball’s last plot arc. Over the course of the series, Piccolo goes from being Goku’s mortal opponent to a reluctant ally to a full-fledged friend. No matter how acrimonious the two warriors were in the past, Piccolo is now reconciled with Gohan thanks to his unwavering devotion and dedication to his pupil. One of the few non-Saiyan characters capable of keeping up with the likes of Goku and Vegeta is Piccolo, because of his propensity of fused with fellow Namekians like Nail and his doppelganger Kami.

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It’s possible that Gohan, Goku’s elder son, will be the series’ most powerful warrior. Sadly, that potential is never completely realized, as he prefers to live his life as a pacifist, only engaging in combat when absolutely necessary. When it comes to the franchise’s biggest and most memorable moments, Gohan has been a key player. Although it’s hinted at throughout the series, Goku’s true power can be seen when he transforms into the first Super Saiyan 2 to take down Cell. When he gets the power to transform into an Ultimate form, separate from his Saiyan incarnations, during the Buu Saga, more of his potential is shown. Gohan may never be as powerful as his father, but in many ways, he is the heart and spirit of DBZ.


Despite the fact that he isn’t the most powerful villain towards the end of the series, Frieza has an unmatched capacity for evil. Space Empire Frieza and his family govern with an iron fist, and it’s evident that they prefer it. Frieza has already destroyed several worlds and killed millions of people before meeting Goku. He was also responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the Saiyan’s homeworld. When we finally meet him in the series, his wicked nature is further revealed as he murders and tortures the people of Namek to steal their Dragon Balls. Kills Krillin and in his final act, destroys the planet Namek in order to murder Goku. Even after all these years, no villain has come close to Frieza’s ruthlessness and evilness, hence he earns the third spot on our list.


The Dragon Ball saga’s protagonist, Goku, is easily one of the most known anime characters, as you might expect. When the world needs a hero, it’s Goku, and he consistently delivers. In order to defeat the most powerful beings in the cosmos, he always has to dig deep and uncover a new source of strength or a new level of Super Saiyan-hood. No one, not even Frieza, Broly, or Buu, is capable of defeating the greatest Saiyan warrior.
As a character, Goku is also an admirable person. When he gets home, all he wants to do is relax with a decent lunch and a good workout. Compared to Vegeta, he may be a bit easier to understand, but Goku’s constancy throughout the series is admirable.

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Vegeta’s journey in Dragon Ball Z is the most well-defined and dramatic of the series’ characters. Initially, we see him as a bully intent on destroying the Earth, as he is a prince of the long-dead Saiyan Empire. However, during the course of the series, Vegeta goes from being a sworn enemy of the Z Fighters to a reluctant ally. Bulma and he even starts a family when he marries her. In spite of this, Vegeta has a history of placing his competition with Goku above all else, even when he decides to change.

Vegeta is the best character in the show because he’s also the most interesting one to watch. He’s cursed to always come in second place. When it comes to high-gravity training and death-defying stunts, Vegeta will not be able to keep up. In spite of this, we adore him because he never gives up trying.

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