Dr Stone’ Season 3 Release Date: When Is The Japanese Anime Series Releasing And Where ?

Dr Stone’ Season 3 Release Date: When Is The Japanese Anime Series Releasing And Where ?

The season 2 finale episode of the Japanese anime series Dr. Stone aired on March 25. The release date for Dr. Stone season 3 has piqued the interest of fans.

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Dr. Stone, a Japanese anime series, has finished its second season on Thursday, March 25. Dr. Stone is based on the same-named Japanese manga series, which launched in July 2019 on TMS Entertainment. Senku Ishigami, a youthful scientific genius, intends to recreate civilization after humanity was suddenly petrified for 3,700 years. Find out when Dr. Stone Season 3 will be released and where you can watch it.

When will the third season of Dr. Stone be released?

Following the season 2 finale of Dr. Stone, the anime series’ official social media accounts released a trailer for season 3, which is set to premiere in 2022. A Twitter user posted the English subtitles of the announcement teaser, confirming that season 3 will see the heroes embark on an adventurous lengthy maritime voyage. “The next experience! Isn’t it self-evident? We’ll have to cross the seas, “Before fans are welcomed with an incredible spectacle, the trailer announces. Check out the season 3 announcement teaser!

The third season will adapt the Age of Exploration storyline from the original Dr. Stone manga series, according to Comicbook.com. According to the website, the narrative of the series will concentrate on the gang building Perseus, making “Thousand Sunny” jealous. Unfortunately, the trailer gives no indication of when Season 3 will be released. Season 3 “may appear” exactly a year after Season 2 ends, according to the website, and fans can look forward to it in April 2022.

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Dr. Stone Season 3’s expected cast

The cast of the upcoming Dr. Stone Season 3 will be nearly identical to that of the previous season. Senkuu will be spoken by Yusuke Kobayashi (Food Wars), and Taiju will be voiced by Makoto Furukawa (One Punch Man) in the Japanese version of the anime. Aaron Dismuke (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Ricco Fajardo will voice the characters in the dubbed (English) version of the anime (Sky Wizard Academy). Manami Numakura, Gen Sato, and Ayumu Murase will be among the other voice performers.

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What Can We Expect from Season 3 of Dr. Stone?

As seen in the Dr. Stone Season 3 teaser, the anime will continue to follow the manga closely as it has in the past. According to the manga’s author, Riichiro Inagaki, the anime will follow the manga’s ‘Age of Exploration Arc.’ Those who have read the chapter already know that Senkuu and his pals will embark on a journey across the sea to discover other regions of the planet in this arc. Senkuu will build his ship Perseus with the help of his allies and embark on an adventure to find answers about the calamity that occurred thousands of years ago in the third installment.

dr stone season 3

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A Quick Summary

Before we get started on Dr. Stone’s Season 3, let’s take a look back at what we’ve seen in the previous seasons.
Taiju Ooki, a high school student, is finally ready to profess his love for Yuzuriha Ogawa after five years of keeping his feelings hidden. When Taiju begins to confess his faults, however, a bright blue light strikes the Earth, shaking humanity all across the world and turning everyone to stone. Taiju wakes up thousands of years later to discover the present world utterly deserted, as nature has prospered during humanity’s history. Taiju encounters another live person in the realm of stone: his scientist friend Senkuu, who has been working for several months. Taiju discovers that Senkuu has devised a brilliant plan: to use science to build an entirely new civilization. Taiju and Senkuu’s minds meld to establish a fantastic partnership, and they quickly discover a solution to save others who are trapped.