Danganronpa Characters: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

Danganronpa is a high-stakes murder mystery game with a lot of crazy turns, so most of the characters need to be smart to live. Danganronpa is a strange-looking anime game about a homicidal teddy bear attempting to imitate Jigsaw. For those who haven’t played it yet, it’s a strange-looking anime game about a homicidal teddy bear trying to imitate Jigsaw. But, given how the series is one of the most engrossing and interesting visual novel-style games available, that presumption is completely incorrect.
There are at least two or three exceptionally intellectual individuals among them, with unique characters, bizarre stories, and engaging antagonists (as required of any good murder mystery). Their brilliance is the mastermind of the murders in some cases, while the detective is in others. Who is the smartest among them?
Michael Colwander updated it on March 22, 2022: In the Danganronpa series, there are a lot of characters. This is understandable given that each game revolves around 16 students attempting to survive a murder mystery. It seems sensible to expand this list to include the Danganronpa anime series and the Danganronpa interquel Danganronpa: Another Episode – Ultra Despair Girls.

Sakura Ogami Made the Ultimate Sacrifice to Assist the Others in Their Fight Against Monokuma.

Sakura isn’t the sharpest character on the list, but she did pull off one of her classmates’ most brilliant stunts. Sakura drank poison and left a message for the other kids to find, hoping to unite them so they could end the murdering game and learn out who the mastermind who had trapped them there was. Despite Monokuma’s best efforts to make matters more complicated by replacing Sakura’s suicide note with a phony one, the rest of the classmates figured out that Sakura had committed suicide.

danganronpa characters

They subsequently formed an alliance against Monokuma, as she had requested. Despite the fact that she ultimately sacrificed her own life, she saved the lives of the rest of her classmates.

Gundham Tanaka’s Ability to Communicate with Animals Aided Him Much.

Because of his animal study, Gundham is known as the Ultimate Breeder, as he has saved endangered species and hybridized animal breeds. He is, nevertheless, one of the game’s most intellectual characters, capable of quickly figuring out sophisticated plots. Even though he didn’t play a huge role in the trials, he nevertheless contributed significantly. He was also an expert at problem-solving and planning. Unfortunately, this didn’t prevent him and his fellow survivors from becoming part of the Ultimate Despair in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Despair Arc.

Chisa Yukizome Was the Perfect Housekeeper, but She Was Also a Master Manipulator of Her Own Emotions.

Chisa’s fans were shocked to learn that she was perfectly capable of deceiving others by manipulating her own emotions. Despite being the Ultimate Housekeeper, she was also capable of instilling fake feelings like sorrow and wrath in others in order to sway them to her side.

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Sonia Nevermind Is as Wise as Her Ultimate Princess Role Suggestions

Sonia Nevermind was the Ultimate Princess, and she has the intellect to match. She studied a variety of foreign languages, economics, international law, and even diagnostic medicine as she attempted to improve her leadership skills. She’s also a natural with guns. Her intelligence, unfortunately, didn’t rescue her and her classmates from falling to the Ultimate Despair towards the end of Danganronpa 3’s Despair Arc.

Mikan Tsumiki’s Medical Expertise Aided in Determining Who Was Responsible for Who’s Death.

Mikan Tsumiki Is the Ultimate Nurse, and She Has a Wealth of Medical Expertise that Has Aided Her Enormously. She Could Write Autopsy Reports that Included Facts About the Body’s Condition After Death and The Severity of The Injuries, as well as Give Health Recommendations to Others. After the Final Killing Game, She Even Managed to Resurrect Kyoko Kigiri, Much to The Delight of Kyoko and Mikan’s Supporters. Her Background as A Nurse Also Enabled Her to Read Other People’s Facial Expressions and Determine Whether They Were Healthy or Sick.

Class 77-B Was Held Together by Chiaki Nanami’s Gluing.

Chiaki Nanami Is the Ultimate Gamer, a Title that Necessitates a High Level of Intelligence Due to The Difficulty of Mastering Genres Ranging from Rp Gs to Fighting Games. as A Result, Chiaki’s Contribution to Class 77-B Was Outstanding. She Was Able to Unite Her Rebellious Classmates, Not only To Allow Chisa to Handle Them Effectively but Also to Bring Them Closer as Friends.

danganronpa characters

Makoto Naegi Made Good Use of His Charisma.

Despite Being One of The Most Popular Characters in The Franchise, Makoto Lacks the Same Amount of Intelligence as Many of The Others on This List. Many People Mistakenly Refer to Him as Passive, As Junko Did at The Start of The Series. This Assumption, on The Other Hand, Is Incorrect. Makoto Has a Quiet Magnetism that Only a Few People Notice. Makoto’s Experience with The Killing Games Helps Make up For the Fact that He Isn’t a Super Intellect.

A Convincing Performance Is Required of The Ultimate Imposter.

The True Identity of The Ultimate Imposter Is Unknown, and Only a Few People Have Seen Them in Person. the Ultimate Imposter Would Have to Put on A Convincing Enough Performance in Order to Succeed in Any Farce. This Necessitates Not only A Thorough Understanding of The Person They’re Impersonating but Also a Wide Range of Talents. the Ultimate Imposter Is a Larger Version of Byakuya Togami in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It Was an Act that Readily Persuaded Other Pupils as Well as A Large Number of Players, Demonstrating Their Ability and Intelligence.

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Tsumugi Shirogane Pretended to Be Someone Else in Front of Her Classmates.

Tsumugi Appears to Be a Simple Girl on The Surface, as She Frequently Emphasizes. She Usually Follows the Group’s Decisions and Rarely Makes Her Own. Players Will See Indications that Suggest Differently as The Game Progresses, Such as Her Covert Seduction of Suichi.

Byakuya Togami Is a Complete Analyst

Byakuya Was Raised in A Competitive Environment, Where He Was Forced to View Everything as A Competition. He Was Obliged to Regard Everyone Around Him as Foes or Objects, Rather than as Individuals, as A Result of His Mentality. This Freed Him to Think without Emotion, Allowing Him to See Everything Objectively. It Made Him One of The Franchise’s Sharpest Characters, but He Was Limited by His Inability to Comprehend Emotions and Their Impact on Behavior.

Kyosuke Munakata Is a Clinical Psychologist with No Emotions

Kyosuke Is One of The Franchise’s More Motivated Characters. He Develops an Obsession with Annihilating Ultimate Despair in Any Way He Can. to Accomplish This, He Forced Himself to Remove Emotion from The Equation and Examine Everything Objectively. It Was a Wise Decision, but It Slowed Him Down at Times.

The Inventions of Miu Iruma Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Miu Iruma Is Known as The Ultimate Inventor, Having Produced Some of The World’s Most Astounding Inventions. the Virtual Reality Gadget She Created to Assassinate Kokichi Ouma Was Maybe One of Her Most Stunning. Miu Iruma Used Her Own Qualities to Alter What She Could Do in The Virtual World and Kill Kokichi with A Simple Touch During the Video Game-Like Virtual Reality Simulation.

danganronpa characters

Miu Failed to Account for The Fact that Kokichi Was One Step Ahead of Her, Leading to Her Death.

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Monaca Towa Is a Manipulator as Well as A Robotics Expectation

Although Monaca Towa Is the Youngest Character on This List, Her Intelligence Should Not Be Underestimated. Monaca Is the Head of Towa Group’s Robotics Branch and Is a Robotics Expert. Monaca’s Skills Allowed Her to Create the First Monokuma. Junko Enoshima Is Monaca’s Idol, and She Aspires to Be Her Heir. Monaca Is a Master Manipulator, Which Helped Her Organize the Warriors of Hope, a Group Dedicated to Hunting Down “demons” (adults). Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa Thwarted Monaca’s Schemes. Monaca Has Given up On Being Junko’s Successor, Preferring to Spend Her Time Alone with Her Monokumas, as Shown in Danganronpa 3.

Even After His Death, Chihiro Fujisaki Helped His Friends.

The Fact that Chihiro Fujisaki Is Recognized as The “ultimate Programmer” Is Enough to Earn Him a Spot on This List. Chihiro Was Hesitant and Reserved when He First Met Him. Chihiro Decided to Pretend to Be a Girl After Being Bullied for Appearing Weak for Years. Mondo Owata, However, Became Envious of Chihiro’s Strength and Killed Him when He Found the Strength to Fully Be Himself and Drop His Mask.

Nagito Komaeda Was the First to Solve Several Cases, but He Let Others Take the Lead.

Nagito’s Personality Has Numerous Levels and Intricacies, Making Him One of The More Complicated Characters in The Game. It’s Almost as Though He’s a combination of Two or Three Characters. He Is, at His Core, a Hopeless Romantic Who Sees Hope as The Ultimate Good in Life and Uses It to Fuel Many of His Activities. His Timidity and Low Self-Esteem, However, Obscure His Intelligence. in The Second Game, He Solves Many of The Cases Before Anybody Else, but He Never Takes Credit for It. Instead, He Leaves Indications that Lead Others to Believe They’ve Solved the Problem.

Kokichi Ouma Is a Liar on The Run

Kokichi Is Unrivaled in The Field of Forgery. He’s Developed a Persona that Immediately Alerts Players to The Fact that He’s Untrustworthy. as A Result, He Is Able to Slip in Some Truths without Anyone Noticing. He’s a Walking Deception or Falsehood – to The Point of Excessive Deception. His Intelligence Is on Display All the Time, and He Can Sense when Someone Is Lying, as He Did when Kirumi Tried to Persuade Someone to Take Her Place at An Execution. upon Meeting Them, He Discovered Kaede’s Fundamental Weakness and Predicted Her Demise.

In the End, Shuichi Saihara Triumphed Over Adversity

Shuichi, Like Nagito, Is a Smart Character Who Refuses to Be the Center of Attention. He Doesn’t Think He’s Done Enough to Be Labeled a Detective, and He Appears to Be Questioning Himself All the Time. He Also Has a Habit of Obeying Directions, No Matter how Ridiculous They Are. when He Did Dog Tricks for Miu, for example. but Behind It, All Was a Very Bright Character Who, by Rising Above Hope and Sorrow and Refusing to Vote in The End, Ultimately Ended the Game.

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One of The Most Memorable Masterminds in The Series Is Junko Enoshima

In Addition to Monokuma, Junko Enoshima Is the Series’ Poster Child. in Terms of Characters, She’s the Greatest Genius Danganronpa Has to Offer, Being Both Repulsive and Enthralling at The Same Time.

danganronpa characters

The Best Detective in The Series Was Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko, Like Makoto, Is a Primary Protagonist and One of The Most Well-Known Characters in The Franchise. She Is the Best Investigator in The Entire Series, and She Goes to Great Measures to Conceal Her Own Feelings, Making Her More Difficult to Read. It’s What Made Her Friendship with Makoto so Ideal Because He Embodied the Hope They Both Sought and Taught Her to Trust People. It Also Served as A Nice Contrast to Junko, Who Was Her Polar Opposite.

The Intelligence of Izuru Kamakura Is Near-Perfect.

In Terms of Intelligence, Izuru Is Almost Flawless. He Possesses a Magical Sense of Analytics, Allowing Him to Accurately Anticipate the Future. Despite Junko Being the More Hazardous of The Two, He Is the First in Terms of Intelligence by A Large Margin. Junko, on The Other Hand, Was Paralyzed by Her Insatiable Desire to Make Others Suffer, Whilst Izuru Reaped No Benefit. He Was an Emotionless Robot that Never Felt Satisfied by Anything.