Chainsawman Anime Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Chainsawman Anime Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Chainsaw Man has been a huge surprise hit since it debuted in December 2018 in the pages of Shonen Jump, attracting a considerable following with its action-packed and ultraviolent tale. An anime adaptation is almost always made once a manga’s popularity increases.
In order to pay off his father’s yakuza debts, Denji, the protagonist of Chainsaw Man, works as a devil hunter to earn money. The Chainsaw Devil dog Pochita is his sole companion. When the yakuza turn on Denji and abandon him for dead, he ends up merging with Pochita and becoming a human-demon hybrid. As a result of this, a group of government devil hunters known as the Public Safety Division offers Denji a position as part of their effort to capture the notorious Gun Devil. In order to avenge himself on the yakuza, Denji resorts to violence. Denji encounters a slew of other demons and hunters while searching for the Gun Devil, all of whom are entangled in their own webs of intrigue and drama.

chainsawman anime release date

A new anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is coming in 2020, with a release date of 14th December 2020. One of the best-known anime studios in Japan, MAPPA, is behind the series. Chainsaw Man will be directed by Ryu Nakayama, with Makoto Nakazono serving as the show’s executive producer. The designer of the action for the future series, Tatsuya Yoshihara, has been officially announced.
Chainsaw Man has been promoted at a number of events since his debut. This year’s Jump Festa had an event where the upcoming anime and its staff members were discussed in detail. At the MAPPA Stage 2021 event in June, fans were given an early look at numerous characters and the general animation style.

When Will the Chainsaw Man Anime Be Released?

As a Result of Widespread Anticipation, the Chainsaw Man Anime Has yet To Be Published.
The Release of Chainsaw Man in October 2021 Has Been Widely Speculated by Fans and Anime Insiders, with Many Believing This to Be the Most Probable Date. with Many Blaming the Covid-19 Pandemic for The Delay, This Turned out Not to Be True. New Teaser Posted in December 2021 Stated that Chainsaw Man Would Arrive in 2022,  Provide a More Exact Date 24 June 2022.

chainsawman anime release date
Crunchyroll Has Stated that It Will Be Airing Chainsaw Man in The United States “this Year”. on Top of That, Crunchyroll Has Confirmed that Chainsaw Man Would Be Broadcast in Both a Dubbed and Subtitled Version.
Since Chainsaw Man Hasn’t Been Seen Since Last Year, Many Fans Have Started Speculating About when He Would Show up Again. so Chainsaw Man Fans Will Have to Put Their Calendars on Hold for A Little While Longer Before They Can Make Their Plans.

Denji A young, downtrodden devil hunter who gets a second chance at life as the mysterious Chainsaw Man
Pochita A loyal devil-dog that merges with Denji to save his life
Makima The head of Public Safety Division 4 who takes Denji in after he becomes one with Pochita
Aki Hayakawa A subordinate to Makima and reluctant colleague of Denji who has a topknot and a distaste for Fiends
Power A member of Makima’s squad who is also a Blood Fiend with a noticeable pair of horns

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Its Current Status as A Manga

On Its Current Timeline, This Series’ First Arc Has Wrapped Up. the First Arc Was Serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump from 2018 to 2020, with A Total of 97 Chapters and Eleven Volumes.


As the Author Has Stated, Shonen Jump+ Will Publish the Manga’s Second Arc. Summer 2022 Has Been Earmarked to Release the Second Arc.

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Matters in The Debate Between Cgi and 2 D Creation

As a result of The Recent ‘leak’ from Twitter User ‘rcco Rond0‘, Many Fans Are Concerned About the Csm Anime’s Usage of Cg Animation.
According to ‘rcco R0nd0’, the Production Will Use 50 Percent Computed Generated Animation and 50 Percent 2 D Art; Nevertheless, It Will Be Used to Emphasize the Backgrounds Rather than Characters or Action.

chainsawman anime release date
The ‘leak’ Also Stated that Mappa’s Aesthetic Approach Will Have a Substantial Impact on The Production Schedule.