Call of The Night Anime Release Date Is Confirmed!! Stay Tuned For More Updates About Plot, Cast and Trailer

Call of The Night Anime Release Date Is Confirmed!! Stay Tuned For More Updates About Plot, Cast and Trailer

It will be out soon, and a promotional video for it has just been made public. Call of the Night, a manga series about a supernatural, romantic comedy, is finally getting an anime version for the first time in a long time. When it comes out, all we have to do now is wait for it. The announcements have already been made. They know how scary the plot is already, but now that it has been animated, it will be even more interesting! People were drawn in by the video. It was based on the idea of keeping the eerie feelings alive. This will be a big hit in 2022.

Manga Call of the Night is going to be turned into an anime series in 2021, it was said at the time. In the last few days or so, it’s been all over the internet, and fans are paying attention to everything that happens in the case. When vampires are a big part of a story, the manga is bound to be popular. This is a list of mythical creatures that have been in anime. They include titans and fairies and magic maidens and shamans and a lot of other things that people have heard about. When one of these creatures is chosen by the story, we all rush to watch it. This is what will happen with Call of the Night.

Call of the Night Anime

Because he can’t sleep at night, Ko Yamori takes long walks in the dark to pass the time. It’s on one of these walks that he meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a pretty vampire woman.

call of night introduction

Disenchanted Ko is shown the pleasures of living as a vampire by her. After seeing this, Ko makes the same decision.

As Nazuna teaches Ko how to become a vampire, a friendship grows between the two of them and they become close. This all changes, however, when a cute friend from the past shows up.

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 Where can you read Call of the Night Anime?

Author Kotoyama wrote Call of the Night, and Shogakunan made it into a manga that ran every week. Starting in August 2019, the Manga began to be serialized. It is still going on. It’s in 10 volumes, and eight of them are in English.

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The Shonen Jump is the name of a game.



It’s said that based on what the authors say, the anime series will follow the manga’s original plan. The manga tells the story of Ko Yamori, a child who can’t sleep. Ko was so angry about not being able to sleep that he decided to stop going to school. To pass the time, he started walking around the streets late at night to keep from being bored. One day, he meets a girl named Nazuna Nanakusa. She is a vampire, but he doesn’t know it. Both of them have become friends, and Nazuna, a vampire girl, helps Ko solve a problem that he is having. At some point in time, Ko started to enjoy some benefits of being in the dark and wanted more. He wanted to become a vampire. Because of this, he had to fall in love with Nazuna first before he could achieve this goal. The serial tells the story of a vampire and a human who fall in love.

Cast in Call of the Night Anime

A comic book called “Comic Girls” is the show’s “chief director.” He and Tomoyuki Itamura will be in charge of the show (The Case Study of Vanitas). When it comes to writing the script, Haruka Sagawa (Child of Kamiari Month) is in charge.

call of the night anime cast

In the past, they’ve only shown off two of the people who will be giving the voices. Both Sora Amamiya (The Seven Deadly Sins) and Gen Satou (Dr. Stone), who played Dr. Stone and Ko Yamori in Dr. Stone, are in charge of voice acting.

The release date for the Call of the Night animated movie

This show became a huge hit after just a few episodes, and now it has a new season called Season 1. Anime fans are very excited about Call of the Night. They want to know when the anime will be out. There’s a good chance that the Call of the Night Anime will come out in July 2022. However, these are just ideas. So, we’ll have to wait until we get the official word on the Call of the Night Anime Release Date first.

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Official  trailer