Black Summoner Anime Release Date Is Confirmed!! Stay Tuned For More Updates

Black Summoner Anime Release Date Is Confirmed!! Stay Tuned For More Updates

Black Summoner is based on one of the most popular light novels written and illustrated by Doufu Mayoi and Kurogin. Satelight Studios is now making an anime version of the show. Publishing began in Shsetsuka ni Naro, a well-known Japanese user-generated book-publishing site.

This isn’t true anymore. In 2016, Overlap bought the series and began publishing it under the Overlap Bunko label. A lot of people didn’t think Black Summoner would be made into an anime. It has been one of the best Isekai fantasy series since 2014.

Black Summoner: What Do We Know?

Yume Miyamoto will be playing Rion, a reincarnated adventurer, and Konomi Inagaki will be Ange, a guide for adventurers in a guild, in the new movie. Even though Ange and Rion aren’t in the trailer, fans can still meet Ange in episode 1 of the show.

He wakes up in an unknown place. Only knowing that he was born in Japan and that the field he works in isn’t on Earth.

Things start to get better when he finds a transparent screen that lets him enter his new world. When he hears that, a voice starts to explain things to him.

It’s called Kelvin, and he gave up his memories in order to get the skills he wanted. His name is Kelvin. Different stories are told in the light novel and the manga about how this began. When Kelvin asks Melfina about how he won, she tells him about a lottery system. There is a lot of talk in the light novel about how they chose him.


It turns out later that a god killed Menu-San/Melfina. He then asked her to make Kelvin come back to life. Melfina is the goddess of reincarnation and moving on. She is also Kelvin’s first follower, but he can’t get her at this point. We learn a lot from Melfina, and we thank her for that. First, she tells Kelvin that she is his follower because he told her he loved her and didn’t need his memories to remember it.

The man knew that he would fall in love with her again. Kelvin isn’t happy about this, but he chooses to put it out of his mind and think about other things. So, for example, he signed up as an adventurer, did his first mission, tried out his skills, made his first contract, and found a place to stay the night.

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A Black Summoner Staff and Cast

Also, Randhi from Ensemble Stars! will play Clotho, Yousuke Akimoto from Gundam Mobile Fighter G, and Minori Suzuki from A Certain Magical Index III will be in the cast as Sera, too. Last month, the anime’s director, Miwa Ooshima, character designer, Satoshi Motoyama, MICHIRU and Yuri Miyazono, and sound director Satoshi Motoyama were shown in a key image (music composers).

To make this anime, Doufu Mayoi wrote the light novel and made it into a picture. Kurogin illustrated it.

What the Story of Black Summoner Will Be

J-Novel Club is a well-known publishing company that specializes in translating light novels from Japanese to English, and it is very well-known. In English, the publishing company has licensed both light novels and manga adaptations for English-language publications. It has taken Black Summoner under its wing, as well.

Anime “Black Summoner” is Coming Out

The release date for Black Summoner has been set for July 2022. You can see them in the main cast: Kelvin is played by Kouki Uchiyama, Efil by Manaka Iwami, Reina by Reina, Melfina by Reina Ueda, Clotho by Randi, Yousuke by Geral, and Sera by Minori Suzuki.

Until February 17, 2022, we’ve only seen a few trailers and two tweets that were sure. The hype has been building ever since. There’s a good chance that the anime will pay attention to its fight scenes.

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Black Summoner Trailer: