Beastars Season 3 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

beastars season 3 release date

People who saw the terrifying ending of season 2 of ‘Beastars’ are now questioning if season 3 will materialize because season 2 has already been released in Japan. We can’t wait to watch what happens to Legoshi after his heroic battle with Tem’s killer in the second season of the anime.

The manga series ‘Beastars,’ written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, is the inspiration for ‘Beastars.’ An anthropomorphic animal world where predators and herbivores have a cultural split is the setting of the anime. Following the horrific murder and nighttime consumption of Tem the alpaca, the peace and tranquility between the two tribes were shattered.

Tem’s killer was finally exposed in season two, and Legoshi faces off against him in fatal combat. However, he’ll have to deal with the consequences of his bravery in the following chapter.

The Release Date for Season 3 of Beastars

The release date for Beastars Season 3 is still a mystery. It is assumed that Beastars season 3 would follow the same release pattern as seasons 1 and 2, which aired on Fuji TV in Japan before being released on Netflix.

beastars season 3 release date

The third season of Beastars will launch on Netflix in the fall of 2022, following the release of season 1 in March 2020 and season 2 on 30 July 2022.

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The Storyline for Season 3 of Beastars

When Riz, a brown bear and fellow member of Cherryton Academy’s theatre club, was revealed to be responsible for Tem’s killing and consumption, the murder mystery plotline in Beastars season 2 was solved. Lego decided to face Riz in person rather than calling the police.

Legoshi’s treatment with carnivore therapist Gouhin allowed him to control his predatory urges, but his hard training and abstinence from meat made him too weak to overcome Riz in a fight. In the season finale, Louis ordered Legoshi to eat the bottom piece of his leg, which kept Louis alive but gave Legoshi just enough strength to battle Riz.

beastars season 3 release date

Despite the fact that Legoshi was released the next day, the devouring incident stayed on his record.

Finale scene implied that the relationship between Legoshi and Haru will continue to bloom in season 3, as Haru tells Legoshi that if he doesn’t date her, she will find a new partner for herself.

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The Voices of Beastars, Season Three

If Beastars season 3 is anything like its predecessors, it will include a largely unchanged cast, with only a few notable exceptions. Beastars Season 2’s primary Japanese and English voice actors are listed below:

beastars season 3 release date

  • In this order: Jonah Scott, Legoshi, and Chikahiro Kobayashi.
  • Haru by Sayaka Senbongi / Lara Jill Miller
  • the duo of Yuki Ono and Griffin Putu
  • a new trailer for season three of Beastars

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The Official Trailer for ‘beastars’

season 3 should be out in a matter of months if our 2022 release date predictions are true. As soon as we hear anything new about the third season of “Beastars,” we’ll post it here Meanwhile, enjoy the season 2 trailer, which you can see down below.