The Best ‘attack on Titan’ Characters, Everything We Know in 2022!

The Best ‘attack on Titan’ Characters, Everything We Know in 2022!

Hajime Isayama [Attack ]’s on Titan franchise] has produced a wide variety of well-known characters. In this section, you’ll find a short biography for each of the main characters from Attack on Titan.

Eren Jaeger Eren Jaeger

This narrative revolves around Eren Jaeger, who is the protagonist of Attack on Titan. He can be impulsive at times, but he is also brave despite his lack of strength. As the Attack Titan, he has the ability to strike with lightning speed.

attack on titan characters

Theodore Ackerman

In the 104th Training Corps and afterward the [Survey Corps], Mikasa Ackerman is one of the strongest characters. At first, she was afraid to kill anyone, but as the story progressed, her bravery grew and her role as a Titan-killer was elevated. Besides being Eren’s adopted sister, she’s a major figure in the plot.

In the Name of Arlert

Their Closest Confidant Armin Arlert Is Their Go-To Guy. the Survey Corps Views Him Not as Someone to Fear, but Rather as Someone Who Can Devise Sound Plans and Strategies that Have Saved Eren and Mikasa’s Lives More than Once. He’s Also a Person Who Doesn’t Easily Give Up. when He Was a Kid, Eren and Mikasa Would Watch Over Him.

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Liam O’malley

It’s No Secret that Levi Ackerman Is Adored by His Fans. as The Squad’s Captain, He’s a Stickler for Order and Neatness. Soldiers of The Survey Corps Regard Him as A Defender of All Mankind and One of Their Strongest Members. Some People Perceive Him as Frigid Since He Does Not Readily Communicate His Emotions.

attack on titan characters

I’m Krista Lenz, And

At Just 5’2″, Kristy Lenz Was the 104th Training Corps’ Tenth-Best Soldier upon Graduation. a Rebellion by The Survey Corps Against the Royal Government Allows Her the Opportunity to Claim the Throne as A Virtuous Queen, Historia Riess, During the Course of The Novel. Ymir’s Best Friend, She’s a Wonderful Person.

In the Name of Justice, Hang Zo

Survey Corps Commander Hange Zo Is a Titan Race Expert and A Leading Figure in Scientific Study. Her Disposition Is Upbeat and Sociable, and She Enjoys Her Job, Particularly Conducting Research on Titans.

Blouse Sasha by Alexander Wang

Sasha Blouse, a Member of The Survey Corps, Used to Go by The Moniker “potato Girl.” as A Foodie, She Has a Natural Talent for Cooking. She Has a Kind, Outgoing Demeanor.

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Erwin Smith Is the Author of This Article.

Survey Corps Commander Erwin Smith Is the Thirteenth in Line. Intelligent and Well-Liked, Erwin Is a Strong Leader Who, Like Levi, Puts His Soldiers First and Isn’t Afraid to Lay Down His Life for The Sake of The Future of Mankind. the Survey Corps Benefited Immensely from His Long-Distance Training for Enemy Detection, Which Delivered a 30% Increase in Soldiers’ Chances of Surviving.

Kirstein, Jeannette

Before His Death, Marco Bott Convinced Jean Kirstein to Join the Survey Corps Instead of The [military Police Brigade]. Although He Is Earnest, He Can Also Be a Little of A Bully and A Little Bit of A Competitor.

A Woman with The Name of Connie Springer

With Sasha Blouse, Connie Springer Is Presently a Survey Corps Member. when Things Are Going Well, He Is a Person Who Will Go out Of His Way to Help.

attack on titan characters


At First Glance, Ymir Fritz Appears to Be the Antithesis of A Noble and Caring Guy, Especially When It Comes to Krista Lenz. in The Manga Adaptation of Attack on Titan, It Was Revealed that She Is in Fact 60 Years Old and Harbors Romantic Affections for Krista. She Has the Ability to Become the Jaw Titan.

For More Information About Annie Leonhart, Please Visit Her Website.

Annie Leonhart Was a 104th Training Corps Recruit Who Placed 4th out Of 10 in Her Class. She Served as A Member of The Military Police in The Past. as The Female Titan, She Can Change Into a Chilly, Peaceful, and Lonely Being.

It Was Reiner Braun Who Came up With the Idea.

Reiner Braun Is Bertolt Hoover’s Closest Confidante. He’s Dependable and Reliable. as A Former Survey Corps Member, He Is One of Only a Handful of Graduates from The Top 10 Percent of The 104th Training Corp’s Graduates. He Is Able to Morph Into the Armored Titan.

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Boilermaker Bertolt Hoover

In the 104th Training Corps, Bertolt Hoover Was a Third-Place Finisher and A Previous Member of The Survey Corps. He Is Also Quiet, Reserved, and Low in Self-Esteem. with Reiner Braun, He Is Tall and Has a Long-Term Friendship. He Is Capable of Assuming the Shape of The Colossal Titan when Summoned.

He Is Known by His Stage Name Zeke Jaeger.

In Order to Regain Control of The Coordinate Power and Rid the Walls of Eldians, Zeke Jaeger, the Eldian War Chief, Has Sworn Allegiance to The Marley Government and His People.

attack on titan characters

in Addition to Being the Half-Brother of Eren’s Half-Sister, Zeke Is the Last Heir to The Fritz Dynasty. Also, He Can Change Into the Beast Titan.

Grisha Jaeger’s Name

Jaegers Grisha and Eren Are the Fathers of Jaegers Zeke and Grisha. on His Birthplace in Marley, He Is an Eldian Doctor from The Liberian Internment Zone. It Should Be Noted that Grisha Was Also a Titan Who Could Change Form at Will.

Carla Jaeger Is a Freelance Writer.

Carla Jaeger Is the Mother of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa’s Adoptive Mother, and Grisha Jaeger’s Wife. After the Attack on Shiganshina District in 845, Carla Is Killed by One of The Giant Titans.

attack on titan characters

Rod Reiss Is a Well-Known Figure in The Field Of

It Was Rod Reiss Who Was the Real King and Historia Reiss’ Biological Father. Within the Walls, He Was the Most Influential and Powerful Political Figure. Getting Back the Reiss Family’s Stolen Power from Grisha Jaeger Was His Ultimate Ambition.

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As a Result of Kenny Ackermann’s Efforts,

Levi Ackermann Looks up To Kenny Ackermann, His Uncle, and Mentor. Central Division Military Police Officer and Captain of The Anti-Human Suppression Squad Were Both His Responsibilities in The Military Police. Formerly Known as “kenny the Ripper” for The Murders of More than 100 Personnel of The Military Police, He was an iconic serial killer.